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WhatsApp makes changes to prevent the spread of misinformation

The messaging service WhatsApp, a Facebook organization, has rolled out changes this week to curb the spread of disinformation. This comes after months after conspiracy theories that were distributed by users of the app reportedly claimed more than 20 murders… Continue Reading →

Shutdown votes put down a political test for senate

(Good Politic Photo / J. Scott Applewhite) WASHINGTON (Good Politic) – Senate Leaders agreed to vote this week on proposals to reopen Federal Federal Agencies, allowing political settlement for senators struggling with the longest closure in US history: they with… Continue Reading →

Ky. Congressman plays & # 39; Joke & # 39; card after he is declared for Tweet Bashing & # 39; MAGA Hats & # 39 ;, Covington Kids

You know that feeling you get when someone says something serious, but it is so stupid that even they know it? So stupid actually that person withdraws and acts as if the whole thing was a joke? That stupidity influenced… Continue Reading →

House Dems Drive & # 39; 21st Century & # 39; border safety plan

WASHINGTON (Good Politic) – House Democrats present a new proposal to stop the government, with the aim of pulling President Donald Trump away from his demand for a border wall by offering billions of new dollars for other border security… Continue Reading →

Trump's ban on military transgender is more reasonable than you think

The Supreme Court announced Tuesday in a 5-4 decree that they would allow the transgender military ban to come into effect, while the lower courts continue to solve the problem. For the sake of clarity, they have not made any… Continue Reading →

Dems are preparing their own border security package that avoids the Trump wall

House Democrats, who feel pressure to show their vision of border security, are preparing a package that would ignore President Donald Trump's demand for $ 5.7 billion for a wall with Mexico and instead pay for other ideas aimed at… Continue Reading →

Problems with shutdown occur when employees are ready to miss another check

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER 22 January 2019, 20:58 GMT / Updated 23 January 2019, 8:52 GMT From Dareh Gregorian Problems accumulate at… Continue Reading →

Elections in India: a member of the Gandhi dynasty goes into politics to challenge PM World news

By Neville Lazarus, India reporter A member of India's most famous political dynasty has formally entered politics to join the fight of her brother as the next leader of the country. Priyanka Gandhi, whose brother Rahul is the opposition leader… Continue Reading →

Senate to vote on the dueling of government financing accounts

Senate leadership on Tuesday signed an agreement to vote on the dueling of proposals to reopen the federal government. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellBudowsky: Pelosi can break deadlock GOP tries to turn story into shutdown fight On… Continue Reading →

May the parliament have to close if necessary to prevent Bill from blocking no deal Brexit, says Rees-Mogg – as it happened | Politics

At PMQs Theresa May reinforced its opposition to allowing Scotland to hold a second independence referendum. (In order to hold a proper, legally valid referendum, Edinburgh needs permission from London.) When Nicola Steur, the Scottish prime minister, who was called… Continue Reading →

Obama ICE chief: Trump's proposal for boundary walls makes & # 39; so little sense & # 39;

A former head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) out of his skepticism about the effectiveness of President TrumpDonald John TrumpCoast Guard-chef: & # 39; Unacceptable & # 39; that service staff have to rely on food pantries, donations on… Continue Reading →

Politicians, police on collision course with German football fans Sport | German football and big international sports news DW

Max (not his real name) is a St. Pauli fan who traveled to Arminia Bielefeld's away match in November. But despite making the four-hour journey from Hamburg, he never really came to the SchücoArena. According to reports in the social… Continue Reading →

Instapundit asks why the Covington children receive a different treatment than the Parkland children?

Back in the aftermath of the shooting in Parkland, starting with the TV show and character murder of Dana Loesch and Marco Rubio, hosted by Jake Tapper, a group of children jumped on the scene with horrible, libelous and counterfactual… Continue Reading →

Priyanka Gandhi actively enters India politically prior to major elections Asia | An in-depth look at news from across the continent DW

The main opposition party of India, the Congress party, announced on Wednesday that 47-year-old Priyanka Gandhi will take care of the party affairs in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, the most politically important state in the country. Priyanka Gandhi… Continue Reading →

Anti-legalization group releases first pot lobby tracker

A group opposing the legalization of marijuana on Tuesday unveiled a tool to track industrial donations for federal candidates. Smart approaches to marijuana, or SAM, is the first major opposition group trying to quantify the lobbying activities of the sector… Continue Reading →

Border security conference canceled amid shutdown over border security

AFP / Getty Images In the midst of a partial stalemate of the government to close a border wall, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to cancel an international conference on border security – because of that very short cessation…. Continue Reading →

Sylvia Plath & # 39; s "Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom" review: an unknown short story pops up

In 1952 Sylvia Plath was 20 years old. She still had to meet Ted Hughes. She had to complete the guest editorship at Mademoiselle, which would become the basis for her pioneering novel from 1963 The Bell Jar. She was… Continue Reading →

Closing day 33 of the government: Democrats of the house float the security plan for the & # 39; 21st century & # 39; to

WASHINGTON – House Democrats present a new proposal to stop the government, with the aim of pulling President Donald Trump away from his demand for a border wall by offering billions of new dollars for other border security measures. The… Continue Reading →

Dreamers say & # 39; no way & # 39; to Trump & # 39; deal & # 39; with temporary protection in exchange for permanent wall

Campaign response People with a delayed action for the care of children (DACA) say no thanks the "deal" from Donald Trump, which offers only a few of them temporary protection in exchange for Stephen Miller's white supremacy immigration list. "With… Continue Reading →

Week 5: Shutdown votes set political test for senate

WASHINGTON – Senate leaders agreed to hold votes this week on proposals to reopen federal agencies, thus creating a political settlement for senators struggling with the longest closure in the history of the United States: side by side with President… Continue Reading →

Mock Neck Sweaters are the perfect compromise for turtleneck haters

The turtleneck is one of the most controversial garments of modern times, flanked by the cargo shorts and UGG boots. But if the temperatures in the whole country drop in a narrow area, it's time to view the turtleneck in… Continue Reading →

Mueller wants to know more about the ties of 2016 Trump campaign with NRA

"When I was interviewed by the special counsel's office, I was asked about the Trump campaign and our dealings with the NRA," Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign assistant, told CNN. The special board team was curious to learn more… Continue Reading →

The problem and the politics to throw old houses in the garbage

For decades in Minnesota, landfills for construction and demolition waste are not required to use liners that prevent toxic pollutants from seeping into the groundwater. As the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says, the waste was not regarded as an environmental… Continue Reading →

We do not want internet where everything is & # 39;

Facebook has already shown in the past year that it is not interested in promoting the freedom of expression on its platform. To say the least. The COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, spoke at the annual DLD conference in Munich,… Continue Reading →

Lawyers, politicians and a Bitcoin entrepreneur: the 23 People Running for Public Advocate

If you need proof that the next month's special election for the public lawyer in New York City is vastly different from any ordinary election, look no further than Theo Chino – although you have to search a little to… Continue Reading →

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