President Trump: & # 39; I don't want immigrants who want to depend on welfare & # 39;


President Trump said in an interview released Monday that he did not want any immigrants to come to the United States that would be about welfare.

"I don't want anyone coming in, it's on welfare," said Trump Breitbart News.

"We owe a lot of money. We take care of everyone in the world military. But now, as you know, I got over $ 100 billion from NATO countries," Trump said interview. "But that's not enough, it's not enough we pay for massive portions of NATO."

[The Democrats will] Take someone into this country and we won't allow it.

– President Trump

Trump's comments came in response to questions that cited a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, which said "63 percent of households led by a non-citizen reported using at least one welfare program" in 2014. But some critics have challenged the numbers. The think tank describes itself as an "independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization" and has the slogan "low immigration, immigrant".


Trump accused politicians and democrats of being weak or interested in allowing immigrants in need of help to enter the country.

"We have a problem because we have politicians who are not strong or they have bad intentions, or they want to get votes because they think if they come in, they will vote for the democrat, you know for Mostly, "said trump.

Speaking of the Democrats, he added: "They want to take someone into this country and we do not allow it, but because of the country's success economically some people say I blame myself, but it is a good cause, not a bad one guilt – but because of the country's success and you need workers here. "


He went on: "You need workers. You have a home in Houston, and they can't make people build the home – and many other places. But because of what has happened and because the people come up, they will have that they come in and they don't care how they come in. "

The president concluded: "I don't like the idea that people come in and go on welfare for 50 years, and that's what they want to be able to do – and that's not good."