Another Biden gaffe? Former VP claims he is the most progressive & # 39; They & # 39; running & # 39;


Former Deputy Chairman Joe Biden told a Delaware audience on Saturday he has the "most progressive" record of any democratic "runner" – or at least considering a race, as Biden is not yet official in the race.

The apparent slip-up came during a speech to members of the state's democratic party, claiming that the latest criticism he had received from progressives was unfounded.

"I'm told I'm being criticized by" New Left "," Biden told the audience. "I have the most progressive record of someone driving to … someone who would run."

Biden, known for past gaffesstraightened out and clarified that he meant to say "someone who would run" and then add "I didn't mean it" while a staggering crowd in his homeland almost drowned him out.

JOE BIDEN says he is the "most qualified person in the country to be president"

There has been a lot speculation whether Biden will start a presidential run and penetrate into the already crowded field of Democrats who want to disregard President Trump.

"We must bring this country back together," Biden continued. "The world's worst dictators use [the president’s] their own words to justify their own abuse of power, "he added.

In recent weeks, Biden has taken warmth from his own party, most recently for his kind words to current Vice President Mike Pence. In February, while speaking in Omaha. Neb., He commented on the icy reception Pence received at the Munich Security Conference, where Pence's praise for Trump was met with silence.

"The fact is, it was followed by a guy who is a decent guy, our vice president, who stood in front of this group of allies and leaders and said," I am here on behalf of President Trump "and there was death of silence. "Biden told the audience.

LGBT rights activist and earlier New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon beat Biden for praising pence.

"You just called America's most anti-LGBT leader" a decent guy. "Be aware of how this falls into our ears," she wrote on Twitter.


Biden later went back his comments on pence.

In January, Biden was criticized then New York Times reported that he praised Republican American rep. Fred Upton during a visit to Upton's homeland Michigan three weeks before the November mid-term.

Upton continued to defeat his democratic opponent by less than 5 percentage points. Some democrats owed Biden to the party who could not pick up the seat.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.