Trump wiped out in McCain seven months after Senator's death


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By Dennis Romero

President Donald Trump sat on Saturday against an old nemesis, the late Sen. John McCain, for his decisive vote against the lifting of Obamacare in 2017.

Trump chastised McCain for his no vote on a bare-leg lifting of President Barack Obama's signing health legislation, wrongly describing it as a "thumbs-down on lifting and replacing after many years of campaign to lift and replace!"

The law against McCain did not have a substitute component.

Responding to reports in conservative media claiming the Republican senator from Arizona, was the source of a leak that put a Trump opposition research dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele in the hands of several media presidents reiterating former independent advisor Kenneth Starrs comments on Fox News.

Reports on the source of leaks have not been confirmed by NBC News.

The dossier claims that the Trump campaign has been working with the Russian government to defeat rival Hillary Clinton in 2016. Core claims in the dossier form the heart of Specialist Robert Mueller's study of Russian influence on the presidential election.

"The more we find out the ugly, it will be," Starr, referring to the alleged media leaks in the file, recently told Fox News & # 39; "Fox & Friends." "The Steele dossier thinks I have been very significantly discredited."

Starr said of McCain: "I think he was an American hero. But I am very sorry that he was implicated in this in spreading these very unpleasant things around."

The reports that McCain read 35-day case file, which was originally funding a conservative publication, are "unfortunately a very dark spot" on the previous Senator's record, Starr said.

In December, former US lawyer Chuck Rosenberg said at MSNBC that "the dossier stays good. None of it has been disputed."

Starr, a Republican, suffered the investigation leading to President Clinton's accusation of lying about having sex with White House employee Monica Lewinsky.

McCain's daughter Meghan McCain responded to Trump via Twitter Saturday:

"Nobody will ever love you as they loved my father …. I wish I had got more Saturday with him. Maybe spend your time with your family instead of on twitter occupied by mine?"

Trump has knocked out McCain several times, but it seems to be the first time he criticizes the former Senator on Twitter in the months following his death on August 25 from an aggressive brain tumor. He was 81

"He is not a war hero" Trump said about McCain at a campaign event in Iowa in 2015. "He's a war hero because he was caught. I like people who didn't get caught."

McCain volunteer to fight in Vietnam And when the plane he was flying was shot down in 1967, he was caught and tortured for more than five years. He refused an early release and saw only freedom in 1973 when the war ended.

The Obamacare vote was a bitter loss for Trump as three Republicans ally with Democrats to defeat the lifting action.