Breaking with Thanksgiving truce, Trump attacks judges

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Palm Beach (USA) – Donald Trump on Thursday broke the traditional Thanksgiving political truce by attacking judges whom he accuses of putting the United States in danger by their decisions on its migration policy.

Three days after the California Judge's decision to suspend his decree to automatically reject claims for asylum from people who crossed the border illegally, the US president is not off the hook.

"It is a terrible thing when judges interfere in the protection of the country, when they tell you how to protect your border. It's a shame"he ranted from his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where he spends Thursday Thanksgiving, supposedly a moment of peace and national consensus.

In front of the press and cameras, Donald Trump spoke with US troops deployed around the world to wish them a happy holiday. But he seized the opportunity to compare, in essence, the mission of the soldiers present in Afghanistan to protect the United States to its very firm migration policy on the Mexican border.

"You may have seen what is happening on our southern border. A big number of people"They are coming," he told a high-ranking military official, referring to migrants from the thousands of Central Americans who have been fleeing violence for the most part.In many cases, they are not good people. They are bad"he thundered.

Asked by journalists, the tenant of the White House has threatened to close temporarily "the whole border"with Mexico"if we reach a stage where we lose control or if there is violence".

Before the arrival of the migrants, he had already ordered the deployment of thousands of soldiers at the border, who are currently deploying kilometers of barbed wire to reinforce the Rio Grande River's natural barrier.

And he had promulgated the disputed decree to try to discourage them from crossing the border illegally and pushing Mexico to take them in charge, a measure suspended Monday by the American justice.

– "Thorn in the foot"-

A suspension he called Thursday "thorn in the foot", and that continues to feed his unpublished quarrel with the President of the Supreme Court, John Roberts.

"Judge Roberts can say what he wants but the 9th is a complete and absolute disaster", launched in the early morning on Twitter the Republican billionaire against this judicial institution on which depends the judge who blocked his decree, accused of being a supporter of his predecessor Democrat Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, the president of the Supreme Court allowed himself to reframe Donald Trump defending the impartiality of judges.

"We do not have pro-Obama, or Trump, or Bush, or Clinton judges", said in a statement John Roberts, conservative judge appointed by former Republican President George W. Bush.

"Judges must not legislate on Border Security or anywhere. They know nothing and put our country in danger", again tweeted President Trump on Thursday."Our great law enforcement professionals MUST BE AUTHORIZED TO DO THEIR WORK"he insisted.

– MBS "hated"this crime –

During a broad overview of the news, he also reaffirmed, for the umpteenth time, to consider Saudi Arabia as a "very important allyAnd this despite the suspicions hanging over the possible responsibility of the powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

"I hate this crime", he told reporters."I hate this cover-up. And I'll tell you, the prince hates her even more than me", he continued, recalling that"MBS"and his father, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, both had"vigorously"denied being behind this murder.

While several US media reported that the CIA believed that the prince ordered the murder, Donald Trump reiterated that the foreign intelligence agency had reached no final conclusion.

Also urged by journalists to pour out on a possible reshuffle of his government after his defeat in mid-term elections in early November, the US president said conduct interviews "this week".

"I might change two. Maybe a few. But not a lot. Overall, we are very happy."