For Donald Trump, bin Laden should have been captured "much sooner"

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US President Donald Trump said on Monday that Osama Bin Laden, killed by an American commando in Pakistan in May 2011, should have been captured much earlier, targeting his predecessors and Pakistan.

"Of course we should have captured Osama bin Laden much sooner," the US president tweeted, referring to the al-Qaida leader and instigator of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

"I mentioned his name in my book just BEFORE the attack on the World Trade Center," he added, denouncing in particular the attitude of his Democratic predecessor Bill Clinton.

Charges against Pakistan

"We paid billions of dollars to Pakistan and they never told us that he lived there," he said, following similar statements on Fox News where he claimed that "everyone knew in Pakistan" that the leader of al-Qaeda lived on Pakistani soil, which Islamabad has always denied.

In this interview, Donald Trump also defended the cancellation of aid to Pakistan because this country does not make "nothing, nothing" for America.

In early January, the US president had already accused of lies and duplicity Pakistan, which joined the United States in 2001 in their war against terrorism.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan vehemently denounced this new attack by Donald Trump.

"This war killed 75,000 people in Pakistan and caused $ 123 billion in losses to the national economy," he wrote in a series of tweets. "This war has had a dramatic impact on the lives of ordinary Pakistanis," he said, calling the US $ 20 billion the US "tiny".

"We all wanted to get there as soon as possible"

Robert O'Neill, a former member of the elite Navy Seals unit who claims to be the man who shot Osama bin Laden, responded to the US president.

"The mission to capture bin Laden was a two-party effort (Republican and Democrat), we all wanted to get there as soon as possible," tweeted the man who has since embarked on a career as a security expert regularly on the channel Fox News.

James Clapper, former director of US intelligence services (DNI), reacted strongly on CNN about Donald Trump. "It's really a slap on the intelligence community, which has been responsible for Osama bin Laden's search, and I think this reflects his complete ignorance of what it took" to get to the localization. and the elimination of the jihadist leader.

And former CIA director John Brennan spoke directly to Donald Trump on Twitter. "You are constantly reminding us how much you are substantially superficial and dishonest in so many areas, which is why we are in such dangerous times," wrote John Brennan on Twitter.

Operation "Geronimo"

After months of investigation and surveillance, in the spring of 2011, US President Barack Obama gave the go-ahead for the "Geronimo" operation, which would lead to the elimination of the number one public enemy in the United States. United in his wealthy Abbottabad villa, a peaceful garrison town 80 kilometers from the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

Bin Laden disappeared from radar screens in 2001 in the mountains of Tora Bora, eastern Afghanistan. Many analysts thought he was holed up in remote caches in the tribal areas of western Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan.