Congress is about to push back President TrumpAccording to a Donald TrumpDem strategist, party leaders have trouble keeping in touch with the US President The Mexican president remains on the sidelines of the debate, calling it an "internal issue in the United States." China pledges to buy "a substantial amount" of US goods and services. developments have left lawmakers increasingly concerned about the national security strategy of the administration.

The Democrats who now control the House have already committed to verifying Trump's defense agenda, particularly a policy considered too deferential towards Saudi Arabia after his leader sanctioned the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria, accompanied by the resignation of Defense Secretary James MattisJames Norman MattisCongress on the verge of repelling Trump against Saudi Arabia and Syria Night Defense: An armed group of the Supreme House The Republican opposes military funds intended for the wall | The speculation revolves around the fact that Trump will declare the national emergency | Pentagon appoints new chief of staff The Pentagon appoints its new chief of staff MORE and the resulting mixed signals from the administration about the withdrawal of staff has sparked new bipartite concerns.

House Majority Leader Steny HoyerSteny Hamilton HoyerHouse Douse calls on leaders to prioritize opioid epidemic The White House: an emergency statement for a border wall & # 39; on the table & # 39; Congress is preparing to fend off Trump against Saudi Arabia, Syria PLUS (D-Md.) Is questioned on Trump on Tuesday: "Who knows what its policy is in Syria? "

Rep. Mac ThornberryWilliam (Mac) McClellan Thornberry Morning Morning – The table of contents is closed for 19 days The Congress is about to push Trump against Saudi Arabia and Syria Night Defense: the main services of the Republican army opposes military funds intended for the wall | The speculation revolves around the fact that Trump will declare the national emergency | The Pentagon appoints a new chief of staff, MORE (R-Texas), a senior member of the House of Armed Forces Committee, who has proposed holding hearings on Syria.

"This may be one of the questions that would be appropriate to have a hearing to see exactly what the administration intends to do and when," he told reporters in response. to a question from The Hill. "I think that right now, and around the world, many people are trying to understand what we are going to do and when. And I do not have a good answer.

Earlier, Thornberry had expressed concern about a "hasty" withdrawal.

In the Senate, the chamber held Tuesday a procedural vote on a bill that would impose sanctions on the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, strengthen defense cooperation with Israel and Jordan and discourage boycotts against Israel.

Democrats have blocked the otherwise bipartisan bill on the government's closure by an independent government, and the bill does not deal directly with the US military posture in Syria. But its schedule as the first bill of the new Congress in the Senate, just after Trump's announcement in Syria, was seen as the upper house striving to reaffirm itself in foreign policy.

The bill, which was accelerated to the ground, is supported by Senator Marco RubioMarco Antonio RubioRubio, the Tlaib buys Israel and the freedom of expression Congress is preparing to fend off Trump against Saudi Arabia and Syria Hillicon Valley: a Marriott reduces estimates, but millions of passports are exposed | Los Angeles continues Weather Channel application for data collection | Bill would create an office to fight against Chinese threats against American technology | German politicians hit by major breach MORE (R-Fla.), Jim Risch, chairman of Senate foreign affairs committeeJames (Jim) Elroy RischCongress on the verge of repelling Trump against Saudi Arabia and the Syrian Senate about to refute Trump against Syria Trump's military movements are speeding up the GOP's search for the next President McCain MORE (R -Idaho), Senator Cory GardnerCory Scott GardnerCongress on the verge of repelling Trump against Saudi Arabia, Trump Syria against the border wall: "Choosing between the right and the wrong" & # 39; The Memo: Absent Paychecks Put Trump at Risk, Mitch McConnell, Leader of the Senate MajorityAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellTop Dem House: "I think we're about to make an agreement" to end Liz Cheney's closure on Christian Bale: He was lucky enough to play "a real superhero" and to "screw up" the CNN press in Kota on the refusal to do any business in the Senate before the end of the MORE (R-Ky.) decision.

"There is no doubt that we continue to face serious challenges posed by al Qaeda and the Islamic State in Syria, as well as by Iran, Russia and the Assad regime. himself, "McConnell told the Senate at the announcement of the bill. "And I expect this body will discuss US military strategy towards Syria in the coming weeks, as it will monitor the seemingly ongoing review of the administration of the Syrian politics. "

House Democrats dedicated the first days of the new Congress to passing bills to reopen the partially closed government, but supporters of a resolution withdrawing support from the US military to Saudi Arabia during the Yemen's civil war claim that their draft rapid vote is still on track.

"Things are still going on despite the closure," Heather Purcell spokesman Ro Khanna saidRohit (Ro) KhannaTrump tells FEMA not to send more money to California to fight forest fires Dems seeks to eliminate Trump's tax reform bill Congress is preparing to push Trump against Saudi Arabia, Syria MORE, said in a statement email.

Khanna, she added, works with President Nancy PelosiAccording to Nancy Patricia's Alesandro PelosiDem, party leaders are struggling to keep in touch with the Pelosi Americans, Schumer's response dominates Trump's speech in the preliminary polls. Conway provisionally warns "fictitious" polls that Trump's speech does not increase MORE wall support. ), co-sponsor Rep. Mark PocanMark William PocanCongress is preparing to fend off Trump against Saudi Arabia, Syria Jayapal presents a bill to repeal the Pay House approves the new Dem rule package, the House rules committee, his committee and its staff, as well as Senate staff introduction and put all the elements in order for a quick and successful vote. "

The Senate approved a resolution at the last convention, but the bill resulted in nothing in the House GOP.

Trump's position in the Middle East initially angered Republican and Democratic lawmakers following the assassination of Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist and outspoken critic of the Saudi leadership.

The Trump administration has punished people suspected of being linked to Khashoggi's death, but the president stressed the importance of economic and diplomatic ties with the kingdom not to apply harsher sentences.

With the House in the hands of Democrats and the Senate a majority of the GOP, it can be difficult for Congress to speak with one voice when it comes to opposing the Trump's policy in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

"Apart from the Khashoggi case, I do not see a lot of unity," said Jim Phillips, Middle East Affairs Expert at the Heritage Conservative Foundation.

"There may be more unity on this subject than on other issues, and this is necessary because the Congress can only have a major impact on the administration as it can. is unified, "he told The Hill.

At the same time, Republicans, Democrats, foreign allies and voices within the administration seem to have at least slowed down Trump's quick withdrawal process in Syria.

While Trump had initially announced that the troops would leave Syria "now", National Security Advisor John Bolton announced over the weekend two conditions likely to postpone withdrawal for months: the defeat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and an agreement with Turkey for the protection of the Kurds.

Trump denied any change in his policy, saying on Twitter that there was nothing "different from my initial statements" and that "we will leave at an appropriate pace."

The Senate Armed Services Committee is due to hold an in camera briefing on Syria on Thursday.

The Senate could also be offered a new opportunity to present Trump's plans in the Middle East during a possible battle of confirmation against the next Secretary of Defense.

Trump said he was in no hurry to appoint a replacement to Mattis. But if and when he does, senators are expected to inform the candidate of their concerns about Trump's orientation in the region.

Congress could also try to hear Mattis himself in the coming months. Mattis should remain discreet now that he has left the administration. he has not said anything publicly since the memo that he posted his last day at work.

But Adam Smith, Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee of the HouseDavid (Adam) Adam SmithCongress is preparing to fend off Trump against Saudi Arabia and Syria Day by Day Defense: Republican Opposes Military Funds | The speculation revolves around the fact that Trump will declare the national emergency | The Pentagon has a new chief of staff, the president of House Armed Services: Trump's obsession with the border wall is anchored in "racism".

"I understand and respect the fact that a president is entitled to private advice from his best advisers," Smith told ABC News. "I'm not going to call former secretary Mattis to tell him, you know, what did the president say about it, what did he do about it? But Secretary Mattis is one of the most knowledgeable and competent experts in defense policy and foreign policy. "