LLCs would also be required to "disclose its beneficial ownership" to the State Elections Council, which would require more transparency from often deliberately opaque entities, sometimes identified by a little more than the address of the company that created the LLC

Two other items on the agenda should be followed shortly by electoral reform: a ban on treating minors with a so-called conversion therapy, which aims to "cure" homosexuals to be homosexuals; and the Gender Non-Discrimination Act (Genda), which prohibits discrimination based on "identity or gender expression" and broadens the definition of hate crimes to transgender people.

Senator Brad Hoylman, who sponsored both bills, said they would be the first gender-based bill to be passed since the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2011. Mr. Hoylman, who is the The only openly homosexual legislator in the upper house, said the Republicans had thwarted even minor bills and resolutions that mentioned gay rights or problems.

Mr. Hoylman, who represents Lower Manhattan and brought his husband, David, and their 16-month-old daughter Lucy to the opening session on Wednesday, said that he hoped the bills would would find votes on the other side of the aisle, as well. "I would not be surprised to see Republican support," he said.

On Wednesday, Joseph Griffo, leader of the Senate's interim minority, said in his introductory speech that "the mission of Republicans as public servants remains the same: to start by supporting policies that help middle-class working families to succeed. and to grow their business and prosper. "

For the moment, Republicans, with only 23 members in a 63-seat house, have little way to interrupt a democratic agenda, including major changes to state election laws that could magnify demographic benefits in a country. State already a deep blue.

Money, however, is a bipartisan need, and L.L.C. Both parties have used a loophole to support their campaigns. Still, many of the new members of the Senate Democratic Conference have run for political office, and Monday's plan of action seems well-designed to keep their election promises.

"I did not take any money from L.L.C., a number of people did not take L.L.C. money," said Zellnor Myrie, a newly elected Senator from Brooklyn. "And I think that's what we respond to."