There will be no primary election in East St. Louis as two of the six candidates are out of the race, leaving four on the ballot in the April 2 election. A primary would have eliminated two candidates from the poll.

Courtney Hoffman announced his official resignation December 28, according to Kandrise Mosby, executive director of the electoral council of East St. Louis. Cedric Taylor Jr. withdrew his name on November 27.

Hoffman said Tuesday that he had dropped out to support Robert Eastern III, another running contender who "piqued the interest (of his)". He also said that the political machine that exists in East St. Louis has made it virtually impossible for him to have luck fighting.

"I think it's important for people to show support for candidates or someone who has similar beliefs. I think we should call them and encourage them, "said Hoffman. "Eastern is the best professional candidate among these three choices."

Taylor told the BND that he had retired because the city had a debt of $ 5.5 million, no economic plan had been planned, in addition to being three years old. delay in tax audits and consider firing police and firefighters this summer.

"No promoter will come into the community with the city in times of financial crisis. They do not have money. There are no new businesses coming into town, there is no money to pay for utilities. It does not matter who becomes the mayor, they will have to deal with these issues. There is no economic plan for this community. I pulled out because the city is too far in the hole, "Taylor said.

Who are the candidates still in the running?

Among the candidates for the East St. Louis mayoral race are Emeka Jackson-Hicks, incumbent, Carl Officer, Eastern and Darnell Thompson.

Officer said he was running for mayor because he disagreed with all the candidates on how the city should be run. He added that voters could expect him to "be honest, pay city bills on time, not be controlled by politics, and not lie to the people about the government."

Thompson and Eastern could not be contacted immediately for comment.

City director Daffney Moore said the city's mayor, Jackson-Hicks, inherited a budget deficit that was not properly disclosed and included unpaid pension debt for police and firefighters.

"She immediately put in place a plan to start repaying both pension funds and was employed to put us on the road to financial stability. Under his mandate, we will have completed six audits that will allow the city to keep abreast of its audits and determine its solvency, "said Mr. Moore.

Here is who is a candidate for the other offices of the city

Doreen Hoosman, a long-time employee of the city, will no longer participate in the elections. Debra Hamilton Tidwell and La Keisha Adams are running to fill this position.

Charlotte Moore, treasurer of the city, runs without opposition.

There are six people seeking two seats on City Council: incumbent Charles R. Powell, incumbent Roy Mosley, Tommy Dancy, Simone Williams, James Ross and F. McGraw.