A fire captain dismissed during the closing of the current government said Thursday that dozens of federal employees were "extremely stressed" when they risked losing their salary.

US Forest Service fire chief Mark Munoz said at CNN's "New Day" that he could be fired or forced to look for another job if the closure continued.

"My message came to an agreement, come to some kind of common ground," Munoz said to the question of his message to lawmakers. "Many workers are currently very stressed and want to go back to work."

Munoz described this as "two difficult weeks" since he was laid off. He appeared on Tuesday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Where the animator is committed to giving a job to a fired employee every night until the end of the shutdown.

A Fire Chief of the US Forest Service, who has 7 daughters and a woman recovering from cancer, was sent to politicians at the closure:

"To reach an agreement … People want to get back to work and provide what we provide to the community and the country." Https://t.co/WHi0tV4A5I pic.twitter.com/VaKcQG5hRI

– New day (@NewDay) January 10, 2019

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees were fired or forced to work without pay, with the partial closure of the government taking 20 days.

President Trump is at the center of stalemateDonald John TrumpAnalyst says the Trump Foundation will support him if he forgoes the wall's funding request. An author of the "Green Paper" apologizes for the Islamophobic tweet: "I will do better". funding for its proposed wall along the southern border. Democrats offered money for other security measures at the border, but refused to finance the wall.

Trump is committed to declaring a national emergency to build the wall if no agreement is reached with lawmakers. He downplayed worries over federal workers finding themselves without pay, saying that many support his efforts to secure funding.