A former Democratic senator from Nevada pushes the GOP government group and missed the 2012 presidential candidate, Senator Willard "Mitt" Romney ("R" -Utah), from running against President Donald J. Trump in 2020.

"Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid said Thursday that he thought President Donald Trump had no conscience and he would like to see the Republican Senator from Utah, Mitt. Romney, challenge Trump in 2020 for the appointment of the president of the GOP to the presidency " Washington Times.

Of course, Reid, whose brutal retirement came after several corruption scandals, would support Romney. Earlier one of these elitist politicians in BC will take over the White House, the unipartite will again be able to do what it does best – get it off the air. simple American citizen.

Reid reportedly called Trump "amoral" and reportedly stated that he "had no conscience". In his infinite wisdom, he also stated that "the wall does not have popular support". It did not have to be convincing in 2015 and 2016, so millions of Americans – literally – attended Trump's campaign rallies and chanted "build the wall". Let the class of DC institutions blatantly miss out on contacts with real Americans.

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Reid later said during the interview that he did not think there would be many more things that Democrat Hillary Clinton could have done to defeat Trump at the time. 2016 election, calling his victory "an aberration," says the report.

Romney's endorsement of Reid – whose crowning achievement as a "conservative" politician brought socialized health care to the people of Massachusetts as governor – is a perfect example of the functioning of the ruling class. The party does not count. What matters is that an elitist colleague – a political insider – runs the country. The rest is simply theater.

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