Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang pledges to pay each US citizen aged 18 to 64 a check for $ 1,000 once a month if elected in 2020.

Yang, who runs his presidential campaign around the idea of ​​a universal basic income, has already launched a free cash payment pilot program called the "Freedom Dividend," CNBC reported on Wednesday.

For the program, Yang has selected a family in Goffstown, New Hampshire, which he says will receive $ 12,000 in cash for the year.

Yang said that Charles Fassi, his wife, and his child had received their first $ 1,000 check on the occasion of a New Year's Eve party in New York City.

According to Yang, technically, "the pilot project is reserved for one person, Jodie", "but we ended up meeting the whole family, since Janelle has filled out the application form and that the story of their family is so They are a perfect example of how a $ 1,000 free dividend would help families across the country, and the whole family rallied to the concept and agreed to share their experiences. "

Yang told CNBC that his campaign "has chosen the Fassi family because its story is so compelling and relatable.Millions of Americans will be able to see their own family at the Fassis.What we do for the Fassi family we can do it for all families in the country. "

Janelle Fassi would have applied for the pilot program after her husband lost his job just days before their daughter went to university.

To fund a larger-scale version of his plan that would cover all Americans, Mr. Yang told CNBC that he was considering imposing a 10% value-added tax on products and services that he A company produces once elected.

The measure could yield between $ 500 and $ 1 trillion, depending on the application of the tax.

Until now, Yang told CNBC that his grassroots campaign has raised "hundreds of thousands of dollars from thousands of donors nationwide – with an average donation of only $ 11."