How long has Donald Trump infiltrated in the air? Well, in 1991, there was a parody of him, of all the TV shows, Saved by the gong. Yes, one way or another, Trump's disproportionate personality was considered familiar enough for even a children's show in the '90s to think his young audience would laugh at seeing him roasted.

When we talked to Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who was playing Zack Morris on Saved by the gong, at the end of an interview on his new Fox series The passagehis eyes were protruding from his head. "We did it ?!" S & # 39; he exclaimed. "Really? Back in 1991 ?!

Trump's reference is a fantasy sequence in which Jessie Spano of Elizabeth Berkley is a candidate on a fictional screenplay. Blind date game show hosted by Gosselaar as Zack. Each of her three potential correspondences is based on awesome characters from pop culture: "Teddy" Kreuger Nightmare on Elm Street scoundrel; "Mason" Voorhess, who plays on the Friday 13 wicked; and "the richest child in the world," named "Donald Chump."

Dustin Diamond, who normally played at Screech on the series, is in costume wearing a power combination like Chump, throwing counterfeit money into the air.

Gosselaar, who did not remember the footage after telling it, was surprised that Trump had found himself at a point in his career that would allow him to endure such parody. "I'm trying to think as he was" in terms of public figure in 1991, he says, scratching his head. We think it was about the time when Trump was making cameos in movies like Alone at home 2 (The film was released in 1992) suggesting he had a greater awareness of pop culture in his day.

"It's definitely not on my radar until later than 1991," says Gosselaar, trying to figure out the joke. "Do they have their hair and their belongings?" He asks. Not really, we tell him, but he holds bundles of counterfeit money to make fun of him as an egotist. "No shit," he says.

In the end, we both agree that it is surprising that Trump is considered big enough to be recognized by such a young audience, as long as they have judgments about his personality that would have made funny the joke "Donald Chump". .

Gosselaar is not surprised that he does not remember this episode. He apologizes regularly to fans who ask him questions about certain episodes and moments. "The problem is that you are a child and you are no longer sentimental. I do not remember a fucking thing in this series. I watch clips and I'm like, wow, did we do that?

After another puzzled shake in front of Trump's scene, he promises that "now I'm going down to this rabbit hole". Mark Paul, if you come out of the burrow with a more surprising spell Saved by the gong references to future leaders of the free world, true stars of reality, do not hesitate!

Our full article on Mark-Paul Gosselaar will be published Sunday.