The National / Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Political elites do not understand that populist victories are still democratic

"There has been an increasing number of years at the unhealthy state of democracy around the world …," writes Sholto Byrnes. "Any democracy that is not inherently majoritarian has turned into an unrepresentative oligarchy – for the people must always have the final say. They have got democracy on its head. Until they realize that it is the people who are the masters, they will not be rejected at the ballot box, because the truth is that it is they, not democracy, who are failing. "

New Zealand Herald / Auckland, New Zealand

Uncertainty awaits in 2019

"A new year dawns," editorial states. "Not much about 2019 is predictable. The globe will get warmer but that makes the weather less predictable. The President of the United States will be under the control of the Democrat controlled Congress. It may be more powerful, but more importantly, it will be able to do so. The European Union, however, will be more concerned with these problems, the Italian economy and nationalist governments in Eastern Europe. Europe…. [It’s] more than enough to keep us busy. "

The EastAfrican / Nairobi, Kenya

E-finance potential should not be overlooked in East Africa

"The East African Community Ecosystem for Digital Financial Services has shown exponential growth over the years …," writes Patrick Adengo. "Seeking to build on this success, governments should prioritize the creation of a resilient, inclusive and innovative digital financial services ecosystem that bolsters social development [and] A robust economy …. Kenya has already taken significant steps towards building a more inclusive digital financial services ecosystem – especially through the implementation of mobile money interoperability. made, they are typically fragmented and may fail to build the type of comprehensive digital economy requires. "

The Jordan Times / Amman, Jordan

Turkey may loom large in Syria after US troop withdrawal

"The US decision to withdraw from a political perspective …," writes Amer Al Sabaileh. "It is a clear sign that the deteriorating relations between Ankara and Washington are being replaced, as Turkey is replacing US troops in Syria, which has given up its role as a close American ally in the region. The Trump administration has successfully ended the anti-Saudi campaign of the Turks by positioning them as a major player in shaping its policies in the region. "

The Asahi Shimbun / Tokyo

Japan's return to whaling could present

"The Japanese government's decision to go to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) is a misguided move made through a questionable process …," states an editorial. "Anti-whaling nations" recalcitrant opposition to any form of whaling irrespective of the populations of different species is, to be sure, a deviation from the spirit of the international treaty on whaling. But Japan has traditionally been committed to pursuing solutions to disputes among countries through constructive talks …. The decision was made in the future. in the decision to leave the IWC despite wide range of issues and questions to be addressed. "