Chris Grayling's claim that the Brexit blockage could lead to a rise in far-right extremism is alarming alarmism and a desperate attempt to consolidate the Prime Minister's agreement on Brexit, activists said. deputies.

The US Secretary of Transportation told the Daily Mail that Britain would become a less tolerant and more nationalistic society if it did not leave the EU. He said the cancellation of the result of the referendum would result in the 17 million people who voted for the departure feeling cheated and urged his colleagues to support Theresa May's agreement.

"People should not underestimate that," he said. "We would see a different tone in our politics. A less tolerant society, a more nationalistic nation. This will open the door to the extremist populist political forces of this country like those we see in other countries of Europe.

"If the deputies who represent 70% of the seats voted," Sorry guys, we will still have freedom of movement, "they will turn against the political mainstream."

Chris Grayling.

Chris Grayling says that blocking Brexit will result in a less tolerant, more nationalistic society. Photography: Ben Stansall / AFP / Getty Images

Labor MP David Lammy described Grayling's remarks as "a desperate attempt by a government minister to use a tiny, far-right minority to keep our democracy ransom-it's the gutter policy."

"History shows us that appeasement only emboldens the extreme right and that the impoverishment of the country through Brexit will only increase resentment. To heal our nation, we must provide a positive narrative that really corrects the inequalities that have been left to ferment in recent years, rather than following artificial solutions that worsen them. "

Liberal Democrat spokesman Tom Brake said, "Chris Grayling has lost the plot. This kind of alarmist talk is not only dangerous but also embarrassing.

"Politicians need to focus on healing divisions in our country, not shamefully fire the fire in order to gain support for Theresa May's failed deal."

Nick Ryan, a spokesperson for the Hope Not Hate campaign group, said: "If we believe the headlines, this is a dangerous attempt to save the Prime Minister's Brexit deal, based on panic in the tenth, rather than a careful analysis of the real threat from the extreme right. Ministers should be more cautious and less cynical about their language.

"Chris Grayling has done a disservice to the cause of all those who are fighting against the far right by seeking to arm the issue to advocate for a frantic struggle to strengthen support for the future." In doing so, it is simply the game of extremists seeking to use Brexit as a platform to improve their profile. "

Luciana Berger, Labor MP and main supporter of the People & # 39; s Vote campaign, said: "Chris Grayling is now hiding behind the small threat of far-right extremism to justify his refusal to let the British people last democratic word on Brexit.

"These remarks are not only grossly irresponsible, but they also show how desperate supporters of this proposed withdrawal agreement have become. We must absolutely eliminate divisions in our society, but we will not do it with a Brexit that makes us poorer and offers less control. And the answer to a small group of far-right thugs roaming the streets must never be to surrender and restrict our democratic commitment: more democracy is needed. "

Conservative MP Anna Soubry, described as a "Nazi" and "liar" by a crowd who targeted her during live television interviews in Parliament, described Grayling's remarks as "irresponsible nonsense" .

She tweeted: "The 15 thugs who walk out of Parliament represent no one else than themselves. It is shameful to validate them this way. Right-wing extremists have always existed, Brexit is just an excuse: it's their real goal. "