Insults, insults and provocative demonstrations may not be the best political strategy at a time when American voters are tired of partisan division and a "congress that does nothing". Nevertheless, Democrats seem to be in touch with their inner farces, even as they seek to accuse President Trump to expose "tantrums".

Take, for example, the Democratic representatives. Jackie Speier and Jared Huffman from California, who helped local volunteers collect garbage at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, while the government was closing, uh, raging. The two legislators then sent the garbage across the country to the nation's capital and delivered it to the White House.

Nobody doubted their carbon footprint here. The media recounted the process. But some question the motivation.

"Really mature. When the situation becomes serious, you can always count on the Democrats to put the best interest of the country first. I laugh. Instead, you can expect Democrats to do acrobatics – useless, rude and childish, "he added. Joseph Curl written in a column for The Daily Wire.

On another front, the former democratic representative. Beto O'Rourke presented a live video commentary on illegal immigration while he was getting his teeth cleaned. But the old decorum among the elected is gone, replaced by strategic prowess to create a loving buzz or a positive message and reach millions of people via social media. Have a beer on camera Dance on a roof. Mr. O'Rourke's performance earned him a distinction from the American Dental Association.

"Today's top candidates are leading smart digital campaigns dedicated to virality. And they are effective. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump attracted an inordinate amount of media attention, partly because of his incendiary tweets. O'Rourke gave us high definition images of his gums, "writes the Daily Beast reporter. Kelly Weill. "As more and more candidates say and voters get more involved in social media, we are doomed to multiply digital cascades. But, like a patient at the dentist, it might be time for the spouts to close their mouths a little.


"Politics is like show business. You have a sacred opening, ribs for a while, then you have a near hell. "

– President's Quote Ronald Reagan to his political consultant Stuart Spencer in 1966, from the "Macmillan Dictionary of Political Quotes"


secretary of state Mike Pompeo put an end to the effectiveness of "apology tours", which were often the favorite diplomacy of a previous administration and seemed to further the discourse that America is to blame for most of the world's ills .

"The good news is this: the age of self-inflicted American shame is over, as are the policies that have caused so much unnecessary suffering. Now comes the real "new beginning," Pompeo told an audience in Cairo.

Titles and interpretation followed:

"Pompeo delivers an anti-Obama manifesto in the Middle East" (The National Interest); "Pompeo repudiates Obama's policy in the Middle East, targets Iran" (The San Francisco Chronicle); "Pompeo's speech in Cairo revealed the total incoherence of Trump's policy in the Middle East" (Vox); "In Cairo, Pompeo concretizes Trump's vision: the confrontation with Iran" (Al Jazeera); "Thanksgiving Visit of Pompeo in the Middle East" (; "Mike Pompeo continues his Middle East reinsurance tour" (The New York Post).


The political branding must be accurate when there is a host of possible contenders in the race. This is the case for the 40 potential candidates in the Democratic presidential election ready to showcase their distinctive talents to try their luck at the grand prize. Some Republicans who observe the White House could do the same. Perhaps.

Meanwhile, a certain potential shock of titans has emerged among Democrats and illustrates a simple political truth: voters must love the candidate. We speak Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts and Sen. Kamala D. Harris from California. The former declared her intention to stand for the presidency a few weeks ago, the latter has written a new and well received memoir and is currently on a press and book tour. Which brand will win hearts and minds in these early days?

"Kamala Harris is having fun until her presidential election is announced in 2020. The Junior Democratic Senator is currently conducting a media tour to promote her new book -" The truths we hold "- which is used to playfully tease a race at the White House that now feels almost inevitable, "she writes. David Catanese, senior political writer for US News & World Report.

"One week after Elizabeth Warren was confronted with a criticism raising a delicate debate over" sympathy "- and whether this totally subjective assessment was to be made about the candidates, Harris turns out to be a comfortable conversation, bubbly, engaging and prone to whispering to her own jokes – in other words, she is sympathetic even to those who are well outside her political ideology, "Catanese said.

He adds that Ms. Harris "is also unveiling a more serious but less known record as a former California Attorney General, likely to reduce Warren's ownership perception in the fight against corporate malfeasance."


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29% of Americans trust the Republican party the most for "border security"; 76% of Republicans, 20% of independents and 3% of Democrats are in agreement.

27% trust the Democratic Party the most; 5% of Republicans, 12% of independents and 67% of Democrats are in agreement.

27% do not trust any of the parties; 11% of Republicans, 44% of independents and 15% of Democrats are in agreement.

10% are not sure; 4% of Republicans, 16% of Independents and 7% of Democrats are in agreement.

7% have equal confidence in both parties; 4% of Republicans, 8% of Independents and 8% of Democrats are in agreement.

Source: An Economist / YouGov survey of 1,500 US adults conducted January 6-8.

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