On Thursday, LevinTV host Mark Levin corrected media reports that it would be unconstitutional for President Donald Trump to use the National Emergencies Act to build a wall to secure the US-Mexico border.

"The president does not violate the constitution. He did not even break the law. It examines the law, it examines immigration laws, there is an emergency provision in the Immigration Act, the Immigration and Naturalization Act, and it combines the two, what he is supposed to do, because he gets the advice of very smart lawyers … smarter than the lawyers who are online, jumping up. Smarter than phony lawyers who switch to cable television. Real, serious constitutional lawyers, not old or old, Levin said.

Levin pointed out that while the media, including some so-called "conservatives", quickly labeled the action "unconstitutional", they offered no alternative.

"They have no solution to that. They moan about it, they complain about it, they recognize it, but when you have someone who really tries to handle it, they cut their legs underfoot. It's a bad idea "politically", they say, because it will not work. Well, maybe it will not work this time, but maybe it will work next time. You do not turn around and do not lie in a fetal position. You must fight. We have a fighter in the White House, "he said.

"And it's a shame we can not unite behind this man when he's trying to do what's right for this country – and that's what's good for this country."


"And while all this is going on, while we are distracted by the left, by the media, which are constantly eating away at the structure of this country like uncontrollable insects, our enemies are getting organized. Red China, Fascist Russia, Iran Islamo-Nazi, North Korea Stalinist: they build their nuclear weapons. They organize, while we have to fight the Democrats. "

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Distortion of information on illegal immigration

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– LevinTV (@LevinTV) January 9, 2019