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THE BIG DEAL – Trump is getting closer to the emergency statement regarding the wall as immigration talks come to an end President TrumpDonald John TrumpAnalyst said the Trump Foundation would support him if he waived the wall's funding request. An author of the "Green Paper" apologizes for the Islamophobic tweet: "I will do better". The survey found that Trump had a 44% satisfaction rating when the site closed. that he may declare a national emergency to bypass the Congress if he can not reach an agreement with the Democrats on funding his long-promised border wall.

Trump spent most of the day near the US-Mexico border in Texas, which many in Washington see as a precursor to the emergency declaration after talks with congressional leaders imploded the day before.

"Well, we can declare a national emergency, we should not do it because it's just common sense," Trump told reporters along the Rio Grande River, flanked by agents border and stacks of blister border drugs.

But if the talks do not resume, Trump said, "you will see what happens with the national emergency, which I can do very easily and there is no doubt that it holds up."

What about money? The White House is considering a $ 13.9 billion financing approved by Congress last year as part of a disaster response bill to use to build the Trump Wall in the event that he declares an emergency. This bill provided for the funding of various projects of the Corps of Engineers, which had been allocated but not spent.

"I can tell you that this is definitely an option that has been presented to the president.Nothing has yet been finalized," said one administration official, who requested the anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Another administration official confirmed that this option was under consideration, but indicated that other projects were also under discussion. Jordan Fabian of The Hill has history.

Discussions are breaking down: Trump's statement comes the day after a brief but explosive meeting at the White House with Democratic leaders. President leaves negotiating session with House Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia D'Alesandro PelosiReport of 12:30 on the Hill: Giuliani says Trump's team should be allowed to "correct" Mueller's report | Trump is preparing to declare the national emergency | Congress approves wage arrears for federal workers Congress approves wage arrears for workers affected by the ongoing closure, future MPs vote in favor of the reopening of Interior, EPA, while the reduction salaries slammer MORE (D-Calif.) Et de Charles Schumer SalariesCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerCruz: "Schumer-Pelosi's response was one of the scariest things I saw" Fox affiliate dismissed employee for filming video of Trump office address Oval, according to a strategist of Dem. Party leaders struggle to build relationships with MORE Americans. Y.) after Pelosi rejected his request for funding of the border wall once the closure was completed.

Latest news from the house: Lawmakers Thursday tried to set the stage for the reopening of the government after 20 days of partial arrest.

  • The Democratic-led House on Thursday passed a stand-alone bill to finance the Ministries of Transport, Housing and Urban Development and other agencies.
  • The chamber then voted to adopt a separate measure to fund the Ministry of Agriculture and associated agencies until September 30, with 10 Republicans joining the Democrats to vote in favor of This measure. That's more than the 8 Republicans who voted Wednesday to fund the Treasury Department and the IRS.
  • But these bills will make the Senate shine: Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority LeaderAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellShutdown will break a record as the Senate leaves the city Congress approves the payment of wages of workers affected by the current closure, future MPs vote the reopening of Internal and the US. EPA, while closure controls wages on MORE (R-Ky.) Thursday blocked two House finance bills that would reopen the federal government.

    The negotiations on immigration are running out of steam: The broader talks on immigration reform have also resulted in a failure in the Senate after the last effort by a group of Senate Republicans to end the partial closure of the government, which it's quickly ended in failure on Thursday.

    After unsuccessful discussions between Trump and congressional leaders, the moderate group was seen as a last ditch effort to find a negotiated solution that would prevent Trump from declaring the construction of the wall urgently.

    "I think we're stuck, I just do not see a way forward," Senator Lindsey GrahamLindsey Olin Graham GOP Senators Sign Agreement on Immigration Wall While Stop Talks Suspended The Hill & # 39; s Morning Report: Trump Plans Money Options for Wall while the closure lasted 21 days. The memo: Trump Approaching the Emergency Statement MORE (R-S.C.) Told reporters. "I do not know who to talk to and I do not know what else to do."

    Graham then asked Trump to build the wall through an emergency statement, adding "I hope it will work."

    Trump promises to pay federal employees after closing: President Trump has promised Democratic Senator Tim KaineTimothy (Tim) Michael KaineShutdown Will Break Record as Senate Leave Town Report of 12:30: Hill: Giuliani Declares Trump Team Should Be Allowed to "Correct" Mueller's Report | Trump is preparing to declare the national emergency | Congress approves wage arrears for federal workers On The Money: Trump Approaching the Emergency Statement | Eyes bill for disaster funds | Trump promises to pay federal employees after closing | Fed chief warns that a long stop could hurt the economy | China notes progress in PLUS trade negotiations (Virginia) that it will sign a bill providing for the payment of a retroactive payment to federal workers once the government closure, which lasts for 20 days, finally ends.

    The Senate passed a unanimous consent bill on Thursday night that said federal employees – essential employees and on leave – would be paid once the closure was over.

    Federal employees will be short on Friday, causing consternation in the Washington, DC area.

    Trump made his promise during a phone call with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), As part of an effort to find an agreement to adjourn the Senate this morning. week. Alexander Bolton of the hill has more.

    Fallout benefits:


    Powell, head of the Fed: A prolonged stop will hurt the US economy: Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Thursday that the partial closure of the government could hamper the US economy and the central bank's ability to keep it steady.

    Powell told the Economic Club of Washington, DC, that an extended closure could hurt the world's largest economy, beyond the financial difficulties faced by hundreds of thousands of federal workers "indispensable "who should leave their country this week.

    The Fed chief said that while the stops "usually do not last very long," an extended stop "would appear quite clearly in the data."

  • This closure is expected to break the longest record in the history of the United States. The workers concerned will miss their first paycheque on Friday, with funding of about 25% of the federal government expiring on December 22.
  • Consequences on personal finances could in turn lead to missed mortgage payments and non-compliance with debt payment deadlines, although Congress should approve salary arrears for relevant federal employees as part of any legislation to end the closure.
  • Powell said that it was difficult to assess the full economic impact shutdown since the closing of one of the main data sources of the central bank, the Department of Commerce.

  • The Fed is financed independently through fees paid by banks. It will therefore remain open during the closing period. But the central bank will be deprived of important economic data until Trump and the Democrats reach a financing agreement.
  • The Fed relies on a wide range of Department of Commerce data, including GDP, price increases, wage increases, retail sales, and international trade measures. This leaves the central bank with a series of important indicators that shape the monetary and financial regulatory policy.
  • China sees progress on "structural problems" in trade talks with the United StatesThe United States and Beijing have made progress on "structural problems" during talks aimed at resolving a trade dispute between the two countries, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday, according to Reuters.

    Ministry spokesman Gao Feng was quoted as saying at a press conference that the two sides had made progress in areas such as forced technology transfers, intellectual property, tariffs and cyberattacks.

    Gao added that the talks between the two countries were "serious" and "honest," the press service reported.


  • China continues to borrow billions of dollars a year from the World Bank, making it one of the major borrowers of the bank. But China is also the world's second largest economy and itself a major lender. A new report from the Center for Global Development analyzes why.
  • The economic profession is facing a "crisis of sexual harassment, discrimination and intimidation that, according to women in the field, has pushed many away – or out of the field," according to the report. New York Times.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture rejects Obama's school nutrition standards and "launches a lifeline to the dairy industry," according to Good Politic News.
  • Op-Ed: "The Fed wants to be boring, but Trump, the markets will not allow it"
  • The S & P 500 has recorded its first five-day winning streak since September.
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  • A Google shareholder sues the founders of the internet giant and the board of directors of its parent company Alphabet for a $ 90 million termination indemnity paid to an officer who was deported following allegations of abusive sexual behavior.
  • Fiat Chrysler will shell out nearly $ 500 million to settle charges that the auto giant would have used an embedded vehicle software to cheat the emissions tests, the Justice Department announced Thursday.