Are you a man who likes to have sex with men? Do you find Logan Paul sexy?

Well, note that March, but only March, is the month for you.

On his most recent Impaulsif podcast, filmed for all our mind-numbing posterity, the YouTube heterosexual star, which has 18 million subscribers, revealed that he was going to become "gay" in March.

The idiocy of the statement is clear and obvious, and almost too exhausting to be analyzed. But hey, our mind has been completely rinsed into Kevin Hart's LGBT idiocy in recent days. Why not go for complete saturation?

Most homosexuals think that you do not become gay, you are homosexual. You do not choose to be gay, you are gay. Being gay is as innate as saying, being a fool who makes a lot of money with his wide-eyed punk "woah guy"; as innate as the kind of narcissistic and obsessive-minded tool that thinks it's wise to show a corpse in a Japanese forest and provoke a quick global scandal.

Causing indignation is probably a determining factor in the announcement of his "gay" march, of course. Judging by the fraternal atmosphere of Paul's show, being gay will be a joke, a joke, a part of the schedule of challenges and challenges.

In January, we learned that he and his co-host, Mike Majlak, were becoming vegan and sober.

The next month is supposed to be "February Fatal", where from the first day "big steaks" and "a big bottle of Tito" will be on the agenda. A month of excess.

So we reached what Paul called "the walk reserved for men".

Suddenly, Majlak seemed nervous. You could see him suddenly on his face. It was not as fun as Tito and his big steaks.

"Why do not you say that part?" He said to Paul. He could have added: "It's only a joke, my brother, it's not really me, my brother."

"We will try to become gay for only one month," said Paul.

Then Majlak suddenly discovered his bravado. "And then swing, then come back." Geddit? To be right! Just like you!

The studio was then filled with a lot of laughter – I do not know, as they were celebrating the ignition of 50 farts. (Paul did not return a request for comment from Daily Beast.)

Predictably, social media has been widely criticized for this so-called joke or joke; being gay is not a choice; that Paul and his friend insulted and belittled a part of the human population.

But this fool could still be useful. Instead of playing with them, if Paul and Majlak want a "men's walk", that's what we'll give them. All the gay men who meet them this month do not engage in the sex games they want to play. Refuse all kisses or hands and appendages offered.

Instead, feast Paul and Majlak with stories of LGBT history. Tell them about the Mattachine Society, the Stonewall Riots and Bar, the brave Act-Up activists who fought for access to drugs and that even the government makes fun of the thousands of homosexual men who were dying in the 1980s. The Avengers Lesbian. Vita and Virginia. Oscar Wilde and Gaol Reading's ballad.

Press copies of The solitude well and Mauritius and Tales of the city, and something from Edmund White soaked in super sex and chatted in their right hands, reserved for homosexuals. Have them read George Chauncey.

Talk to them about gossip, attacks and murders not only of gay men, but of all members of the LGBT community, especially trans women of color.

Tell them that the same day that their stupid and stupid video came out, we learned again that homosexuals were being tortured and detained in Chechnya. Tell them about places in the world where it's illegal to be LGBT, where you can be killed by your own family, or stalked relentlessly by your government or by terrorists like ISIS.

"Talk to Paul and Majlak about the long and winding path that leads to equality and equal treatment in this country. Tell them about the Trump administration's attacks on LGBT people, especially transgender people. "

Wherever they go, instead of indulging in their shallow and dumb heterosexual bait, tell these two men the reality of being LGBT. And yes, tell them about the incredible sex, the intimacy, the fun and the friendships you enjoyed, and to go out, dance, go out, find out who you are when society has sought to reject it and belittle it … as two heterosexuals joking about the fact that being gay is only a temporary hobby that one can undertake and take off.

Say, whatever volume you want to emphasize on the face of these ignorant people, people do not choose to be gay, just as they do not choose to be discriminated against, persecuted, beaten and murdered to be homosexuals.

Talk to Paul and Majlak about the long and winding path that leads to equality and equal treatment in this country. Talk to them about the Trump administration's attacks on LGBT people, especially transgender people.

I wonder if their eyes will be full of wonder and revelation (we can only hope), or if they are glazed by this point. After all, they just came to see if they could play with you and your sexual identity. Well, if Paul has co-opted Man-Only March, LGBT people should perhaps devote the month of September to Straight Free.

Their game plan was announced at the right time, because everything that Paul and his friend need to hear in March, Kevin Hart could benefit, but he does not seem ready to listen to it.

Here again, along with Paul and Majlak, it is a deliberately deaf person when it comes to LGBT people and who understands the proximity and power of the words to hurt and to hurt.

People say that they are exhausted by Hart and by the controversy over his homophobia and his excuses. He is counting on this exhaustion to revive his career after this strange period. All week, his interviews to make known The rise, his new film co-starring with Bryan Cranston, was punctuated by a new public relations strategy consisting of answering all his questions about his horrible "jokes" and his tweets about homosexuals, the most infamous of which is D & P Attack his son if his son ever went out.

"Kevin Hart's message seems to be this: he does not care if we think he's homophobic, he'll now stop apologizing that he's felt obliged to do. "

Hart said he apologized when he did not do it and when he finally apologized (a few times, starting with the Ellen show) he kept to a brief "I'm sorry", devoid of any further explanation about his words, his homophobia, and how he had suddenly evolved from that.

Quickly annoyed by this excuse, he tried to answer Michael Strahan: Hello Americain an interview – like so many others – that was marked by extreme narcissism and egomania, rather than contrition or self-examination.

Kevin Hart's message seems to be: he does not care about whether he's homophobic, he's going to stop apologizing that he's felt compelled to do, he does not want to learn anything nor be an ally of LGBT people. and can we all just forget about it please. He has movies and a lot of money to win, thanks.

He tried the same shoe "me, me, me" for his appearance with Stephen Colbert, who collapsed and said he was in the same boat as Hart. Hart survived his mess by being interviewed by other celebrities and what protective and affirmative club can be.

In a self-congratulatory segment on GMA DayA few hours after Strahan's interview, Strahan (yes, a friend of Hart's) and co-host Sara Haines did not criticize Hart. Indeed, Haines said that she did not oppose Hart's "different" beliefs.

Would the same argument apply to an audience that has expressed racist or misogynistic beliefs? Would it be okay to just hold them and leave them, and that's an example we give? Haines has mistakenly talked about educating and informing people, but you are not educating anyone about homophobia unless you challenge it head on and say it's not true.

Haines said Hart 's critics were now a "crowd mentality", a now familiar counterpart to critics protesting too much, rather than the thornier and more correct challenge of dealing with the "bad news". homophobia.

Friday, Hart faced NPR Fresh airTerry Gross, and this – to the credit of Gross and Hart – was a much more nuanced interview than all the others.

"The problem with the acting profession is that sometimes you're not funny," he said. "Sometimes, to grow as an actor, you have to go through the stupid part … In the end, I have 10 years of separation between the time that we brought back and now, and I think these 10 years have been an excellent example of change. . And for people to evolve, you have to accept their change. "

"My apologies were sincere when it was given," said Hart, "and I made it sincere when I gave it back, and my efforts after that, when I gave it a other, were equally sincere. But it just seemed like an endless cycle. So I chose to just close it and say I'm done with it, and move on.

This does not explain how empty the excuses are and his general defensive attitude, but Hart is clearly ready to explain.

"Why, as a supposedly traveled and open-minded comic, did he tell homophobic jokes and send out homophobic tweets? Is he still homophobic now? What would he say to one of his children, who is LGBT?

Being gay was not mentioned or seen when he was growing up in North Philadelphia, he said. Traveling around the world increases the level of understanding and knowledge, so far you are aware of things you may not have known before. With this you are able to adapt and change and eliminate bad habits. "

But this interview, like the others, did not ask Hart the key questions. Why, as a cartoon supposed to have traveled a lot and open minded, did he tell homophobic jokes and send homophobic tweets? Is he still homophobic now? What would he say to one of his children who is LGBT? Why, in all this controversy, did all the answers he gave him as a victim, not the homophobia that was put to him?

Certainly, it is incumbent upon every honest person to say how homophobic is unacceptable, until we no longer have so many anti-LGBT politicians, laws, presidents, beatings, harassment and discrimination at work. Believe me, LGBT people would like to be "out of date" too.

During the same week of LGBT-related idiocies of Logan Paul and Kevin Hart, a right-wing lobby group campaigned for gender identity and sexual orientation to be removed from the list of separate categories under the Lynching Victim Justice Act of 2018, which is currently heading home.

Later in the week, as reported by LGBTQ NationMat Staver, founder of the Liberty Counsel, said that no minority group needed to be included in the bill because it applied to everyone, even if the inclusion of specific groups universalized the application of the project. of law.

What do Paul and Hart think about it, I wonder? That someone is looking to remove the protections of a minority already victim, poorly protected legally, around lynching of all things.

What do Paul and Hart, in elaborating their masterful jokes, think of all this discrimination and prejudice, legal attacks, street attacks, the challenge of going out, lessons from history? , the constant struggle, the desire to build a better future for living LGBT generations and those who will follow us?

I'm stupid. They are joking. They are above.