EAGLE PASS, TEXAS – The Trump administration has flooded the Texas border over the river with the Mexican city where 1,800 caravan migrants arrived earlier this week with hundreds of law enforcement officials.

More than 100 police vehicles from the United States took a mile of 1.6 km along the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas, Saturday afternoon. Sixty were sitting together in a part of the river on a local golf course.

The massive "show of force" – as Border Patrol calls it – is meant to keep Central Americans from entering the country illegally, as large groups tried in San Diego, California, last November and again on New Year's Eve.

EAGLE PASS, TEXAS – More than 60 law enforcement vehicles are on the border in what Border Patrol calls a "show of force" to warn caravan migrants just across the Rio Grande River in Piedras Negras against illegal crossing pic.twitter.com/wXopZp8etu

– Anna Giaritelli (@Anna_Giaritelli)
February 10, 2019

"For me it's like showing violence, it would be a message for the immigrants who want to come illegally through Texas that Texas is always willing and has a lot of manpower at the border – that they would go to another state," said Maverick County. Sheriff Tom Schmerber told the Washington Examiner.

Dozens of pickups, SUVs and cars from Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol and state soldiers from the Texas Department of Public Safety were lined up at the edge of the Eagle Pass Golf Course.

Schmerber said that 500 employees from the Department of Public Safety were transferred to Eagle Pass. That number does not include the Border Patrol that came from other parts of the state.

Military troops, including active duty, national guard and Texas State Guard, were also seen on the golf course. It is expected that another 250 will arrive in the coming days.

Drive east on a road known as the & # 39; loop & # 39; in Eagle Pass, Texas, and everywhere are agents. This even continues in the center where a police or border employee is parked every few streets. The sheriff of the maverick county told me tonight that they show & # 39; force & # 39 ;. pic.twitter.com/k9ToxWXACq

– Anna Giaritelli (@Anna_Giaritelli)
February 10, 2019

The Rio Grande river separates both countries there and because of the landscape, parts of the border have no physical barrier, making it easier for people to enter the United States.

A Texas patrol officer told the Washington Examiner that no one had tried to cross the river and illegally entered the US from Mexico at 5:00 PM. local time.

Last Monday, a group of nearly 2,000 people arrived in buses in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. The group has remained overwhelming in Mexico in the light of a wave of American troops at the border.

Meanwhile, American, Mexican and Central American officials are discussing the treatment of this new caravan, one of the few in the past year.

But for staff who are already on the ground and in their cars at the border and wait, it is not clear when the action will start and when the wave of personnel will end.

Schmerber said that the duration of the deployment will depend on whether caravan members illegally enter the US and that justice has no idea when they can go home.

"We do not have a date, number, month or whatever," he said.