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February 11, 2019, 10:00 PM GMT

From Dareh Gregorian

The head of the stewards' stewards on Monday asked for demonstrations at the airports of the country when a new government was shut down – and warned that her members might have to stop working.

While avoiding the term "strike", the association of flight attendants-CWA, Sara Nelson said that the recently closed partial closure of 35 days had stretched the airline industry to the breaking point and "made us all less safe".

And, she remarked, stewardesses are entitled to a safe workplace.

"We will not participate in a system that is not safe," Nelson said. She called on Americans to come to the airports of the country for mass demonstrations on Saturday to show their support when the government closes again Friday night. She urged the interested parties to register on the website

"We believe it's time to talk about a general strike," says the site. "A real general strike would take months of planning, but we can not allow this to stop us from taking action, we must immediately do what we can."

The talks between Republicans and Democrats stalled during the weekend, raising the fear that negotiators can not reach agreement on the financing of border security.

While stewards and employees were not directly affected by the closure, flight controllers and security officials were responsible for long delays at some airports.

Nelson noted that some of those employees have not yet received their salary.

"They will not be able to take care of their families, they were already under stress in the seventh grade," she said.

"The Congress creates an extremely chaotic situation," said Nelson, and if his act does not get right: "We're going to create order where Congress creates chaos."

The last shutdown ended on January 25, after airports in the Northeast experienced major delays because air traffic controllers did not get to work.