In this episode of Blunt Force Truth Chuck and Mark are accompanied by author Tanner Roberts. Tanner is a conservative millennial, and now author, who has a great understanding of economic issues and politics in general.

Chuck and Mark start by discussing the new book by Tanner, Dumb Politics: The Political Retorative and Blissful Ignorance of a Generationthat focuses on the political landscape of today.

The book by Tanner describes some reasons why we have high tensions in politics and a growing ignorance among the younger generations. They discuss some of the ignorant and emotional rhetoric that is used to promote today's policies.

Their conversation continues with the economic consequences of the policy proposals of the democratic hopefuls in 2020. They discuss how it would hit the middle class and eliminate all economic growth. Their conversation also discusses the reasons that the younger generations support this policy.

They end the show today by talking about the importance of responsibility and why people have given younger generations the right to pursue socialist policies. They discuss the importance of having the right mindset and talking about personal convictions. Their conversation is also about the importance of supporting conservatives in the media who come out to share their opinions.

More about Tanner Roberts:

Tanner Thomas Roberts, born in Houston, Texas, has always had a passion for learning, reading and politics. Tanner graduated from Texas A & M in 2013 with a BS in Economics and a Business Economics Certi fi cate (BEC) that focuses on integrating the practical skills taught at Mays Business School with the analytical tools of the economy . Tanner is currently working as Director of Business Development at a technology consulting company that oversees the largest revenue growth in company history.

The book by Tanner recently fell on the shelves and today brings many different aspects of politics together. In his book, Dumb Politics: The Political Rhetoric and Blissful Ignorance of a GenerationTanner T. Roberts explains the origin of stupid politics and how to recognize when we are bombarded with the language of the left, so that we can raise a generation that will raise a hand instead of expecting a hand. A rabid focus on equality of results rather than equality of opportunity tastes on the feelings of a citizen to promote policy. Because of stupid politics, the ideologies have infiltrated into other aspects of our society: education, culture, economy and immigration.

Tanner is a musician and enjoys writing music on both guitar and piano. He likes to be horrible on golf and to lead an active lifestyle. At a young age he started collecting comic books and remains an avid collector to feed his inner nerd.

Tanner T. Roberts is a proud father of a beautiful daughter.

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Twitter: @TannerT_Roberts



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