Trump Foundation: comments from NY AG show that a lawsuit is politicalDonald J. Trump Foundation via Wikimedia Commons

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Lawyers for the Donald J. Trump Foundation accused the New York Attorney General's Office of political motives in his civil lawsuit against the nonprofit, citing recent comments from Attorney General Letitia James, which took office in January.

"Newly-elected New York Attorney General Letitia James ran an anti-Trump campaign in which she expressed serious antipathy and animus towards Mr. Trump," attorneys for the foundation, as well as President Donald Trump and his three oldest children, wrote in the filing. Friday.

"Attorney General James has described President Trump as an" illegal president "," the petitioning states "and has sworn" all areas of the law to use to President Trump and his to investigate business transactions and those of his family. "

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The remarks made by James, a Democrat, made a critical look when she made them late last year. Public prosecutors generally avoid implying that their office pursues specific goals, partly because such comments can later be used by suspects to claim bias.

Delaney Kempner, a spokesperson for the attorney general's office, said Monday: "Once again, the Trump Foundation makes a sad attempt to distract from the real merits of this case, which are based on facts and the law. argument that this is politically motivated and we are convinced that justice will prevail. "

In an earlier attempt to reject the lawsuit, James had invoked the political preference of the Attorney General's Office before taking office, led for many years by a Democrat. A judge from the New York District denied the motion to dismiss in November.

The suit, which was filed in June 2018, was brought by James & # 39; s predecessor, Barbara Underwood.

In addition to the specific remarks about James, the lawyers of the foundation have repeatedly said that "politically motivated claims for fair and judicial rejection are unjustified on the facts and the law."

The suit calls the foundation as suspects, Trump and his three oldest children – Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka – who were all on the board of the charity. It claims that they have violated the federal and national charity law with a stubborn & # 39; pattern of behaviors, including unlawful coordination with the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

The attorney general's office wants $ 2.8 million in restitution, plus extra penalties. The office also tries to ban Trump from being a director of a non-profit organization in New York for ten years and to ban the other board members, the Trump children, from serving for a year. The foundation agreed to dissolve in December under the supervision of the court.

The filing last week also revealed that in addition to lawyer Alan Futerfas, who represented the foundation throughout the court case, the non-profit organization added another lawyer to work on the case: Marc L. Mukasey, who has had a close relationship with the lawyer of Trump Rudy Giuliani.