The initiative outlines "bold, decisive action to ensure that AI is still fueled by American ingenuity, reflects US values ​​and is applied to the benefit of the American people," the official said.

The initiative is aimed at strengthening American leadership in AI and has a multi-pronged approach & # 39; this is subdivided into five main pillars: research and development, AI infrastructure, AI governance, workforce and international involvement.

When asked about AI's advantage for the American public, the official stressed that artificial intelligence is something that touches every aspect of people's lives, pointing to medical care, food production and extraction of energy sources as examples. The official also tried to remove concerns that investments in new AI technology could oust US workers, noting that the government is "very much aware of" the problem and has already developed programming such as apprenticeships and special career guidance programs. .

As part of his State of the Union speech last week, Trump called for "investments in the most advanced industries of the future", and the government official underlined the importance of AI for "driving" these future industries for The United States.

But on the world stage, this new executive power comes at a time of heightened tensions with China on trade and technology. Last month, the US filed criminal charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei for allegedly stole trade secrets from US companies and attempted to avoid US sanctions against Iran.

Asked about the progress of China in AI and the concerns that the US may have about stealing American innovations in China, the official said: "The US is the world leader in artificial intelligence, and it is not surprising that the Chinese be interested in this particular domain and spend and invest heavily. "But as far as protection of intellectual property is concerned," that is something that does not cover this specific execution order. "

Later, when insisting on working with China on AI technologies, the official was deflected and said only that "China is a member of the G20 and AI is an issue that has been included in that particular forum."

"But we're excited to develop our principles and agenda with American values ​​in mind, and that's something we'd love to share with the world," continued the official.