Democratic women in the House of Representatives listen to President Trump to hand over his address of the state of the Union to a joint session of Congress on 5 February 2019. (Leah Millis / Reuters)
It is more than a dream to make a more life-giving policy come true. It is deadly without it.

On Bleecker Street in Manhattan there is Planned Parenthood and there is also a boutique for pregnant women. According to Fashion, the store, Hatch, "is perhaps the first of its kind, in that it is designed specifically for pregnant customers: changing rooms have a size chart to help you discover how a piece of clothing will fit into your stomach a few months later; is a "cravings bar" with sweets, pickles and ice creams, and Goldman set up a meeting room on the ground floor for workshops and lectures, including one about breastfeeding and another called Dudes to Dads, in which new dads can learn how to they can wrap or change a diaper. "

If I find myself in the neighborhood, I would often want somewhere in the middle of the road between the tweezers and the ice a permanent meeting place where every woman who would catch her breath could find a delay. I'm thinking of a woman named Eleanor McCullen, who has been outside Planned Parenthood in Boston for years with a sign with help, hope and love. Who does not want those things, whatever you encounter? Many women are relieved by her presence, invited by her warm, generous smile to review her options because she was on her way to an abortion. She stands out as a chair of wisdom, someone who will walk with you – and she does. To the extent that she and her husband have named children after them, they are godparents for children who are in the world because they stepped outside to reach out to someone who had to be pulled out of the darkness.

I have thought a lot about those women who get lost in our debates about abortion and their children. The address of the State of the Union was a small opportunity for me to sin because I could not get past the women in white. They seemed to care the most for being in Congress. And yet, what does that matter? Should it not be a window for a more tender policy? Instead, the Democratic Party seems to be the most remarkable and alarmingly similar to doubling brutality. If an unborn child survives an abortion – alive is handed over – even then her life is not worth the protection? The doctor-governor of Virginia said the day before his medical school yearbook appeared on the news for a blackface image. I was grateful for a moment for the connection it made between the two civil rights movements. But that message seemed to have been lost, of course, to most people with megaphones asking for his resignation. Are we left on such a toxic way of life, one that is the opposite of life giving?

Weeks after a temporary obsession about a teenager with a Make America Great Again cap and what at first sight seemed like a grin, we can pause for the grin on the face of the senior Senator from New York, while the president of the United States called us on this barbarity? It would have to provide a conscience investigation just after the Empire State proudly codified his name abortion capital of the country, with a governor showing off his extremism, presumably expecting it to be a step to higher world power.

I understand that the white women will not applaud much of what this president is doing or saying. But I keep thinking of a letter that Pope John Paul II wrote to women who celebrated this great gift from the Creator – men and women both, in unique ways. This is in his letter for all of us:

Thank you, women who work! You are present and active in every area of ​​life – social, economic, cultural, artistic and political. In this way you make an indispensable contribution to the growth of a culture that combines reason and feeling, a model of life that is once open to the feeling of "mystery", to the establishment of economic and political structures that humanity is becoming more and more valuable.

There is so much confusion and misery in the world today. What if women, unite reason and feeling, would lead a revolution of love? One that has seized our most controversial themes and has transformed it into a meeting place where a better policy is being devised, one that thinks about how we can really help women, children and families with a number of common basic initiatives? (You do not have to think that any abortion is bad to facilitate the adoption option or to help foster care children.) I am thinking of issues that Donald Trump raised in his speech to Congress and in his speech about the national prayer breakfast To begin with, these late abortions and newborns, misunderstood, the foster care crisis only got worse because of ideological extremism that encouraged faith-based partners to become essential resources for children and families and government institutions – loving in the way that no bureaucracy can .

These women could at present contribute to our miserable policy, or they could become leaders of a better policy, while at the same time reflecting some of the moral convictions of the suffragettes they were trying to honor. Take a break and consider what could be more life-giving than the current status quo of the Democratic Party – abortion expansion – what could trigger a healthier policy for women, children and families? There are a lot of problems. A baby step would be to stop refusing to be a helpless survivor of abortion. And then we may survive these toxic political seasons and we come from renewal of our obligations regarding life and freedom.

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Kathryn Jean Lopez

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