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All babies who are destined for an abrupt abortion must be delivered alive

Because New York celebrated the euphemistically baptized Reproductive Health Act last month, the debate about abortion legislation has started again. The emphasis on abortion would probably have been wiped out by the news cycle if Virginia had not followed New… Continue Reading →

Doctors agree with Phelps bill: & # 39; Life is at stake – politics must stop & # 39; – politics is alive Australia news

The limits are not in the hands of medical professionals. What will happen is what happens across Australia when it comes to meditating these people after having consulted, whether by telephone or by tele-health, "he told Sky News. Two doctors,… Continue Reading →

& # 39; I must stay alive & # 39 ;: gay Brazilian politician flee the country after receiving death threats

The first openly gay politician from Brazil said he will not return to the country after receiving death threats since the election of right-wing extremist president Jair Bolsonaro late last year. Jean Wyllys, who next month would start his third… Continue Reading →

Former FBI official at Dem's Trump Investigation Committee: "Resistance is very alive and healthy"

Former FBI leader Terry Turchie reacted on Sunday at Fox & Friends to a big Democrat's plan to close a sub-committee on terrorism to create a committee to investigate terrorism. President Trump. As reported by Fox News, House Foreign Affairs… Continue Reading →

The post-truth policy is alive and well in Brexit Britain

Brexit is a particular political element that has made the UK a truly unique place. It is no secret that the country is bitterly divided, whether it is the EU or not. For an issue that was once binary (Leave;… Continue Reading →

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