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TNT's "I Am The Night" begins in less than two weeks. Here's what fans need to know

23h25 16/01/2019 | Entertainment David Hookstead | Journalist TNT's eagerly awaited show, "I am the Night," will air on our televisions in less than two weeks and should be thrilling about the infamous Black Dahlia murder. Chris's new show will… Continue Reading →

Trump begins his third year with low approval of the job and doubts about his honesty

January 18, 2019 Economic outlook remains positive, divided by partisanship On the occasion of the second anniversary of his inauguration, public opinion on Donald Trump's performance at work, as well as his honesty and the ethics of his administration, is… Continue Reading →

Sherrod Brown begins his first government tour while considering a presidential candidacy

"I want to hear from the locals and I want this conversation and this tour to encourage my colleagues who run for president to be the story," said Brown in an interview with "All In with Chris Hayes . "… Continue Reading →

Oregon begins killing sea lions, injuring the endangered trout population

Wildlife officials in Oregon have begun killing California sea lions that eat too much of a vulnerable type of fish. Three sea lions were killed last week as part of a conservation effort to protect steelheads from the Willamette River… Continue Reading →

The first day of the 116th Congress begins with a prayer and ends with a blasphemy

The 116th Congress began with prayer. The first day of the 116th Congress ended on a blasphemy. It was 12:01 Thursday. Representative Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., An ordained Methodist pastor of the St. James United Methodist Church in Kansas City, climbed… Continue Reading →

Crucial year begins for Supreme Court decisions on Trump policies

Supreme Court rulings this year over several controversial policies of President Donald Trump should clarify judges 'views on executive power, judges' discretion and the president's propensity for drastically changing long-standing policies. know USA Today Monday. Trump is counting on judges… Continue Reading →

In a democratic campaign: recruitment begins

The integrated pipeline Over the years, I've often talked about getting every race challenged, to the extent possible. Despite opponents who have claimed to "let the dogs sleep" by not challenging conservative Republicans in conservative districts, more and more data… Continue Reading →

California begins to clean up its voters list!

Finally! California agrees to clean up its voters list! Los Angeles County will eliminate 1.5 million inactive registrants! SANTA CLARITA, CA. January 4, 2019 – The California Elections Integrity Project, Inc. (EIPCa) announced today the settlement of its lawsuit, under… Continue Reading →

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