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Sheriff: Dog named Donald Trump was not killed by politics – Boston News, Weather, Sports

A Minnesota sheriff says a dog named Donald Trump has not been shot and killed because of political rivalry, despite false claims circulating on social media and those & # 39; violent threats & # 39; have provoked some residents… Continue Reading →

Possible deposition could further drive Virginia's politics – Boston News, Weather, Sports

RICHMOND, Va. (Good Politic) – Virginia lawmakers will reluctantly face the unprecedented prospect on Monday to deter the second most powerful leader of the state, struggling to address revelations of racist past and accusations of assault at its highest levels…. Continue Reading →

Week 5: Shutdown voting set up political test for Senate – Boston News, Weather, Sports

WASHINGTON (Good Politic) – Senate Leaders agreed to vote this week on proposals to reopen Federal Federal Agencies, allowing political settlement for senators struggling with the longest closure in US history: they with President Donald Trump or vote to temporarily… Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders faces questions about his political future – Boston News, weather, sports

NEW YORK (Good Politic) – Vermont Allied Senator Bernie Sanders rallies to the beleaguered presidential prospect even as he begins to reluctantly think about the painful possibility of a 2020 campaign without him. The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, 77, is the… Continue Reading →

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