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A group of Native Americans condemns the tweet & # 39; Wounded Knee & # 39; of Trump on Elizabeth Warren

The largest tribal advocacy group in the United States on Monday condemned President Trump for his late-night tweets about Senator Elizabeth Warren in which he called her "Pocahontas" and invoked the wounded knee massacre. "We strongly condemn the occasional and… Continue Reading →

House Massively Condemns Geopolitical Party Representative Steve King for White Supremacy Speech

Newly elected GOP President Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Strongly criticized Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. Susan Walsh / Good Politic hide the legend toggle the legend Susan Walsh / Good Politic Newly elected GOP President Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Strongly criticized Rep. Steve… Continue Reading →

"Steve's language is reckless": Kevin McCarthy condemns King's comments on white supremacy

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy condemned Steve King's remarks about white supremacy on Thursday night. "All about white supremacy and white nationalism goes against what we are as a nation," McCarthy m said in response to King's comments earlier in… Continue Reading →

UK's highest judge condemns the government's austerity policies as part of an extraordinary political attack

The highest ranking judge in the United Kingdom condemned the effects of government austerity on families, women and minorities, as part of an unusual political attack. Lady Hale, president of the Supreme Court, said that the cost reductions had worsened… Continue Reading →

Liz Cheney condemns first-year student for using impeachment as a political tool

14h50 01/06/2019 | Policy Molly Prince | Political reporter Wyoming representative Liz Cheney on Sunday reprimanded R Michigan Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib for using the impeachment procedure as a political club against President Donald Trump. "I think the main point… Continue Reading →

Russia condemns the American Paul Whelan for espionage charges

American Paul Whelan, arrested in Moscow last week, was charged on Thursday for spying, the Russian news agency Interfax. The agency, citing what she called an informed source, said Whelan had denied any allegation in the indictment. Whelan, a former… Continue Reading →

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