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"Tucker Riffs" on CNN's Pundit group claiming the black conservative had a "white privilege"

Tucker Carlson reacted to an analyst at CNN who claimed that the conservative radio host, David Webb, was assigning a "white privilege" by presenting an "argument with which he was not afraid. agreement". The only problem with this statement, Carlson… Continue Reading →

IRS Payments for Conservative Abuse Should Keep Fed Workers Honest

In recent days, the federal government has formalized what the Conservatives have known for years: Conservative groups were not only bothered, but illegally injured when Lois Lerner and other members of the Internal Revenue Service targeted and harassed them for… Continue Reading →

Rod Rosenstein, a conservative tough guy in a political maelstrom

But his record of the investigation on Russia was more complicated. In the tumultuous days following the dismissal of the president by Mr. Comey in May 2017, Mr. Rosenstein was upset and upset, fearing that the White House would have… Continue Reading →

Conservative Inc. explodes at Tucker for the monologue exposing plutocratic elites

A centrist vocal choir in conservative media attempted to respond to Tucker Carlson after an excerpt from his show about the interested and unfair nature of the American ruling class that caught the attention and inspired conversation in circles of… Continue Reading →

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