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Fact Check: Trump claims that a wall made by El Paso is safe. Data show differently.

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER 11 February 2019, 9:29 GMT By Jane C. Timm Days prior to Congress's deadline for a deal on… Continue Reading →

U-Haul relocation data reveal shifting America

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER February 10, 2019, 1:07 PM GMT By Dante Chinni and Sally Bronston WASHINGTON – Geography has become a… Continue Reading →

Data leaks of German politicians: police arrest a suspect

A 20-year-old German student reportedly confessed to revealing the personal data of nearly 1,000 politicians, journalists and entertainers because he was "angry at the public statements" of his targets. German cybercrime prosecutor Georg Ungefuk told reporters that police arrested the… Continue Reading →

Hacker confesses to stealing data from German leader and other politicians

German authorities announced on Tuesday that a 20-year-old hacker had confessed to stealing and divulging private data from hundreds of politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, because he was "annoyed" by some their public statements. The young German, who still studies… Continue Reading →

German man admits to hacking politicians' data, officials say

BERLIN – A 20-year-old German student took advantage of passwords as weak as "Iloveyou" and "1234" to hack online accounts of hundreds of lawmakers and personalities whom he hated political positions, revealed Tuesday responsible, shaking the pose ask questions about… Continue Reading →

Charges and claims for reform fledge after data leak targeting hundreds of German politicians

German Chancellor Angela Merkel. (Photo: Bundesregierung / Denzel) Berlin ( – The news that hundreds of personal information of German politicians have been leaked online more than a week before action is taken has caused many critics directly to the… Continue Reading →

German politicians suffer major data piracy

Online hackers have published a massive collection of data including personal information, such as phone numbers, addresses and more German political figures as well as other personalities from the German political scene. The data was released on Friday and reveal… Continue Reading →

German politicians victims of a massive data breach – Security

Personal data and documents from hundreds of German politicians and personalities, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, have been published online in what appears to be one of the most important data breaches in Germany. Preliminary analysis showed that the data had… Continue Reading →

Russia suspected after hacking data targeting political figures and celebrities shakes Germany

BERLIN – The personal data and correspondence of German politicians and personalities, including Angela Merkel, have been put online in one of the biggest stratagems in the country's history. E-mails, phone numbers and holiday photos of MPs, journalists and artists… Continue Reading →

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