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Ex-Federal Prosecutor: "Thank God that Whitaker is gone, Barr is bringing & # 39; integrity & # 39; back to DOJ

Former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi told Hill.TV Friday that he was "embarrassed" by recent stories from the Justice Department, and says he is pleased that former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has been replaced by the recently confirmed Attorney General… Continue Reading →

Montesquieu: Greatest influence (besides God) on the constitution

Baron de Montesquieu "Society must rest on principles that do not change" – wrote Montesquieu in book 24 of "The Spirit of the Laws." Montesquieu was a French political philosopher whose books were read by Catherine the Great of Russia,… Continue Reading →

A flag and a statue of Saudi Arabia proclaiming Allah installed as a god installed at Ground Zero

In December, the port authorities of New York and New Jersey issued a statement explaining a payment on the site of the terrorist attacks of September 11: As part of its ongoing efforts to transform the World Trade Center site… Continue Reading →

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney gives glory to God and expresses his wisdom after winning the national title

After a historic victory against Alabama Crimson Tide, Clemson Tigers coach Dabo Swinney made sure to stay focused on God during an inspiring interview that was widely praised. "All glory goes to God! "Dabo, there are few coaches in a… Continue Reading →

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