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At 70, it's time to rethink NATO

"Treatises are like roses and girls, they last as long as they last." This was stated by President Charles De Gaulle, who ordered in 1966 NATO to leave its headquarters in Paris and leave France. NATO celebrates this year a… Continue Reading →

Trump states that the obstruction of democracy is a "single policy" – "I really think it's a bad policy for them"

On Saturday on Fox News Channel's "Justice" channel, President Donald Trump accused Congress Democrats of the current deadlock because of their opposition to a US-Mexico border wall. Trump called it "bad policy for them" and said he was always open… Continue Reading →

Lindsey Graham: It's time for Trump to "use emergency powers to finance" a border wall

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said Thursday that he believed that President Trump should use the "emergency powers" to pay for the much discussed wall with Mexico. Graham said he hoped this tactic would "work" because negotiations with Democrat House… Continue Reading →

Harry Reid covets Willard 'Mitt' Romney when it's impossible

A former Democratic senator from Nevada pushes the GOP government group and missed the 2012 presidential candidate, Senator Willard "Mitt" Romney ("R" -Utah), from running against President Donald J. Trump in 2020. "Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid said Thursday that… Continue Reading →

Elwood, Illinois (population 2,200), has become a vital hub of the American consumer economy. And it's hell.

Nearly 100 stakeholders commented publicly; only four were in favor. In the midst of tears and choruses, the committee voted three to one to approve the new installation. If Elwood residents wanted to save themselves and save their city, they… Continue Reading →

Kellyanne Conway: Trump supports immigration if it's legal

Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday after meeting journalists at a camera-less lunch at the White House to discuss President Donald Trump's next speech on the Oval Office, said the president was backing the immigration but only if it was… Continue Reading →

No, it's not the democratic party of JFK

See all books of Pat Buchanan President Nancy Pelosi's House has more women, more people of color and LGBT members than any House in history – and fewer white men. And on Thursday, the day Rashida Tlaib was sworn in,… Continue Reading →

Doug Jones at a standstill: "All right now, it's a political attitude"

US Senator Alabama, Doug Jones, said he was eager to see any plans to end the government's closure, which will last 15 days, and he hopes this will come to an end soon, now that the Congress resume its work…. Continue Reading →

De Niro on Trump: "He is a scammer; It's a Huckster; It's a hustler,

Actor Robert De Niro, frequently opposed to President Donald Trump, continued his campaign against him, calling him a "true racist" and white supremacist, in an interview with The Guardian. The newspaper said De Niro was generally indifferent to the media,… Continue Reading →

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