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Martin Luther King's powerful defense of identity politics from Birmingham prison

No piece that Martin Luther King Jr. published in the 60s, had more impact than his "Letter from Birmingham Jail 1963", but this year, as we celebrate the holiday celebrating King's birthday, the moment is ripe for a second look… Continue Reading →

Democratic leader confirms that Steve King's censorship will open Pandora's political box

WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has agreed that censoring Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King about "white supremacy" would likely open a box of Pandora of politics for what is considered offensive speech in the future. but the… Continue Reading →

Meckler: Conservatives should not let fatigue with political correctness excuse Steve King's record

17h22 15/01/2019 | Opinion Mark Meckler | President of Citizens for Self-Governance The Iowa Republican Representative, Steve King, is in favor of a wall designed to protect our country from illegal immigration. Me too. But its language and actions indicate… Continue Reading →

"Steve's language is reckless": Kevin McCarthy condemns King's comments on white supremacy

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy condemned Steve King's remarks about white supremacy on Thursday night. "All about white supremacy and white nationalism goes against what we are as a nation," McCarthy m said in response to King's comments earlier in… Continue Reading →

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