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What lawmakers want from USDA, FDA

With the help of Helena Bottemiller Evich and Pradnya Joshi PROGRAMMING NOTE: Morning Agriculture does not publish on Monday, February 18th. Our next Morning Agriculture newsletter will be published on Tuesday, February 19th. Story continued below Note from the editors:… Continue Reading →

Lawmakers sound on Amazon's HQ2 switcharoo

With the help of Bob King, John Hendel, Margaret Harding McGill and Jordyn Hermani Note from the editors: this edition of Morning Tech will be published during the week at 10.00 am. POLITICO Pro Technology subscribers have exclusive early access… Continue Reading →

Lawmakers introduce legislative proposal to finance government, prevent exit

Lawmakers introduced a bill late on Wednesday night to avoid a second partial shutdown days before the deadline. Rep. Nita LoweyNita Sue Lowey Winners and losers at the border security deal House adopts border agreement, appoints Trump to declare emergency… Continue Reading →

Republican lawmakers are under pressure to propose Green New Deal & # 39; alternative

Republicans who want to combat climate change say that their party must resist the temptation to reject the progressive "Green New Deal" without proposing an alternative. "If the Green New Deal goes up in flames and becomes completely discredited, the… Continue Reading →

Former Minister of Homeland Security urges lawmakers to stop trying to achieve political victories over immigration

Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, urges lawmakers to stop Capitol Hill from pursuing "political victories" and instead achieve a two-fold consensus on immigration. In an interview with AM 970 "The Answer" with John Catsimatidis in New York, the… Continue Reading →

Utah lawmakers, with a $ 1 billion surplus to play with, want to counter the will of voters on Medicaid

Utah's citizens, along with those from Idaho and Nebraska, voted in November with a ballot paper to implement the Medicaid extension of the Affeldable Care Act. They voted for full extension under the law, and now their legislature is trying… Continue Reading →

Lawmakers are again doing their best to draw American support from Saudi-backed forces in Yemen

A twofold group of legislators, including Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., And Mike Lee, R-Utah, renewed their efforts in the House and the Senate to stop providing US military assistance to Saudi Arabia for his war in Yemen. While the Saudis… Continue Reading →

Trump: Lawmakers & # 39; Wasting & # 39; time if they do not talk about a wall or barrier

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER January 30, 2019, 14.34 GMT From Allan Smith President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that a two-party congress panel… Continue Reading →

Cohen advisor urges lawmakers on security issues after Trump attacks

Lanny Davis, Cohen's legal advisor and spokesperson, has been to Capitol Hill in recent days to discuss security and other logistical issues regarding his client, Michael Cohen. | Joseph Kaczmarek / Good Politic A legal representative of former Trump attorney… Continue Reading →

Lawmakers demand interpreters to appear amid reports of Trump's secrecy over Putin

CNN confirmed that after a meeting with Putin in 2017 in Hamburg, Germany, Trump took the interpreter's notes and told him not to share anything about the discussion with anyone, according to a former head of the State Department who… Continue Reading →

Trump told lawmakers that he preferred the word "strike" to closure of the government, according to sources

Trump also kicked off the meeting with an opening salvo laden with swearing over a period of more than 15 minutes, in which he made it clear that he was n & # 39; 39; had no plans to move… Continue Reading →

Trump convenes a meeting with lawmakers, suggesting that he is open to an agreement

(Bloomberg) – President Donald Trump on Wednesday invited congressional leaders from both parties to a border security briefing at the White House to "reach an agreement" to end the government's closure. This is the first sign of a possible opening… Continue Reading →

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