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Congress members demand the release of an Afghan translator whose visa was canceled in full flight

A translator who risked his life working alongside US troops in Afghanistan is detained in an American detention center for about a week after his visa was canceled in the middle of his family's trip to the United States. Today,… Continue Reading →

Progressives fought for key committee seats, but new centrist members emerged victorious

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez failed in its long bid for a seat on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, according to an announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday night. Pelosi has appointed a member of the NDP Coalition, the… Continue Reading →

Bill Kristol and a few weekly staff members have just found their new employer

23h49: 01/04/2019 | Media Scott Morefield | Journalist Bill Kristol and some former editors and editors of The Weekly Standard have landed in another anti-Trump publication. The CNW, The Bulwark, reportedly reported having recruited several former employees of Weekly Standard… Continue Reading →

White House and Congress members to resume closing talks on Sunday

A delegation of key White House staff, led by Vice President Mike Pence, will meet with congressional staff again after a two-and-a-half hour discussion on Saturday. It has not been possible to reach an agreement to end the partial closure… Continue Reading →

Pence leads talks at closure with members of Congress

While many federal employees were frozen and vacationers were excluded from public attractions, taxpayers' taxes were paid, talks between White House officials and congressional advisers began on Saturday to end the closure of the government which, according to President Donald… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump could have revealed the identity of members of an elite unit in Iraq

The identity of Navy Seal members may have been revealed by Donald Trump who made a surprise visit to the US military in Iraq on Wednesday. Donald Trump may have inadvertently disclosed the identity of members of the Navy Seal,… Continue Reading →

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