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Judge mentions new hearing on gag order after Roger Stone message

Copyright 2019 CNN Roger Stone appeared on CNN & # 39; s "Cuomo Prime Time" Friday night, a few hours after his release from prison. Copyright 2019 CNN Roger Stone appeared on CNN & # 39; s "Cuomo Prime Time"… Continue Reading →

The message of a candidate for Nigerian politics: making room for women

Africa has paved the way for women in the government since the 1990s. Women occupy more than 30 percent of the legislative seats in 14 of the countries of the continent. But in Nigeria, Africa & # 39; s most… Continue Reading →

The newspaper drops cartoonist over vulgar Trump message

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER 11 February 2019, 18:39 GMT By David K. Li A Pennsylvania newspaper dropped the cartoonist who wrote a… Continue Reading →

Vulgar Message to Donald Trump in Political Cartoon Caused Paper to Drop Cartoonist: Loose Lips Sink Strip & # 39;

A newspaper says it will stop publishing a popular cartoon after a vulgar message addressed to President Donald Trump appeared in his last issue. "Non Sequitur" is a syndicated cartoon by Wiley Miller and is a regular feature of the… Continue Reading →

Tom Ford delivers Anti-Trump Border Wall message during the New York Fashion Week

Tto Ford Sure, Tom Ford can have something for the lyrical beauty of "Do not Dream It's Over." The song, originally written by Neil Finn of Crowded House in 1986, certainly played as a perfectly pleading accompaniment to Ford's parade… Continue Reading →

2020 Democrats send a message to Trump with guests from the State of the Union – Axios

Senate Democrats who are presidents in 2020 invited guests from the State of the Union to reflect some of their key policy issues and to reinforce their contrast with President Trump. Why it matters: State of the Union guests are… Continue Reading →

Women send a political message by wearing white in Trump's State of the Union

A female congressional woman encouraged lawmakers to wear white to the State of the Union speech by President Donald Trump on Tuesday to show solidarity with the women's siege movement. Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL), chairman of the House Democratic Women's… Continue Reading →

NFL pushes message about social justice during Super Bowl after rejection of Pro-America Commercial

The Super Bowl was filled to the brim with reports of social justice, despite the fact that the man who brought politics into professional football, Colin Kaepernick, was absent from the proceedings. From the commercials to the displays during the… Continue Reading →

Pelosi & # 39; does the American people not want to hear the message of the President & # 39;

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Has thwarted President Donald Trump from relinquishing his State of the Union address in the midst of the government's ongoing closure because she "does not want the American people to message from the… Continue Reading →

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