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If the shutdown drags, should Trump not try to talk to Pelosi?

Donald Trump was rather concerned about the fact that he was in the White House at the end of December during the holidays, although the president did not seem to be doing any useful work in concluding his government. In… Continue Reading →

White House advances with State Of The Union plans after Pelosi Urged Delay

President Trump delivers his first address of the state of the Union on January 30, 2018 in the room of the American Capitol. The White House continues with the plans for this year's speech on 29 January, but it is… Continue Reading →

Romney supports Trump in a stop of the confrontation, Pelosi questions

US Senator Mitt Romney, of Utah, said Friday that he supported President Donald Trump's claims for a border wall that resulted in the closure of the government and asked why the president of the House Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, would not… Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi says Trump has put her life at risk by canceling her trip to Afghanistan

As previously covered by RedState's excellent streiff, President Trump on Friday canceled Nancy Pelosi's graded trip to Afghanistan. This was followed by a "leak" of his plan B to travel commercially. Say that's not the case! In response, via a… Continue Reading →

Our state of disunity: Trump, Pelosi Spar about a voluminous speech, but why do we care about it?

On January 30, 2018, in Washington, President Trump delivers the State of the Union address to the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC. Win McNamee / Getty Images hide legend toggle the legend Win McNamee / Getty Images On… Continue Reading →

Trump's grounding of the Pelosi plane provokes a political outcry: "A sophomoric response does not deserve another"

President Trump's decision on Thursday to deny the House of Representatives' military aircraft, Nancy Pelosi, sparked strong reactions from Democrats and Republicans. In a letter to Pelosi, the president "postponed" the trip a few minutes before the departure of the… Continue Reading →

Pelosi spokesman: The Trump Administration has leaked its commercial flight project to the war zone

President Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Postponed her plan to travel to Afghanistan accusing the White House of having leaked her plans. Good Politic / Good Politic via Getty Images hide legend toggle the legend Good Politic / Good Politic via Getty… Continue Reading →

Pelosi requests the postponement of the speech on the state of the Union because of its judgment

President Nancy Pelosi wrote to President Trump suggesting that he postpone his annual message on the state of the Union to Congress until the end of the partial closure of the government. Wayne Partlow / Good Politic hide the legend… Continue Reading →

"The secretary has barely testified": Pelosi reprimands Mnoutchin after the meeting on sanctions in Russia

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testified after a group of Democrats in the House sent a letter implicating the Trump government's plan to lift the sanctions against three companies linked to a Russian oligarch. | Evan Vucci, file / photo Good… Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi tears Trump out of touch with the working class

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Is mocked by President Donald Trump for his lack of contact with workers after a brief meeting on Wednesday that Trump called "a total waste of time" . Speaking to reporters outside the White House,… Continue Reading →

Trump dropped several "F bombs" during a meeting with Pelosi and Schumer

Why are the members of our illustrious media not in a tumult against Trump's uncivil language? (How about asking if so many TSA workers who call patients make us more vulnerable to terrorists, do you think you could get angry… Continue Reading →

After the refusal of Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer and Durbin to attend the DHS information meeting, President Trump gives information on border security at Congress …

Earlier this week, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had planned to hold a border security briefing for congressional leaders. After announcing that they did not wish to obtain national security information contrary to their political interests, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat… Continue Reading →

US House Speaker Pelosi says border issue can not be resolved before government reopens

The two main congressional Democrats came out of a meeting at the White House on Friday, showing no sign of progress toward an agreement with President Donald Trump to fully re-open the government. One of them asserted that Trump had… Continue Reading →

United States: Nancy Pelosi challenges Donald Trump

A new era of opposition to Donald Trump opened with the return of Democrat Nancy Pelosi to the top of the House of Representatives on Thursday (January 3rd). Measures to end the "shutdown" were voted by majority. Democrat Nancy Pelosi… Continue Reading →

United States: Nancy Pelosi challenges Donald Trump

A new era of opposition to Donald Trump opened with the return of Democrat Nancy Pelosi to the top of the House of Representatives on Thursday (January 3rd). Measures to end the "shutdown" were voted by majority. Democrat Nancy Pelosi… Continue Reading →

Will House's Progressive Caucus play the ball – or the hardball – with Pelosi?

The Progressive Congressional caucus should add at least 10 new members – including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Representative Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, who have successfully won primaries against elected Democrats – at the new session of Congress, with… Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi becomes the first opponent to Trump

She finds herself in the third echelon of American politics, just behind Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. With a large majority of 220 votes, Democrat Nancy Pelosi was re-elected Thursday as President of the US House of Representatives…. Continue Reading →

These Democrats did not vote for Pelosi as Speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi garnered Thursday 220 votes out of the 430 jury members to become Speaker of the House of Representatives for the second time, but not all Democrats rallied to her candidacy. Twelve Democratic legislators voted for someone other than… Continue Reading →

Democratic Republican Nancy Pelosi of California is elected Speaker of the House

WASHINGTON – Nancy Pelosi, the only woman to ever serve as Speaker, was re-elected Thursday as Democrats took control of the House after eight years in the minority. She promised, in prepared remarks, that this Congress "will be transparent, bipartisan… Continue Reading →

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