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Scapegoat from Africa Failure underscores Pentagon incompetence

Over the past year, there have been countless failed leaders at the highest levels of the army with regard to the ambush of a special forces unit in October 2017 in Tongo Tongo, Niger. The latter is the recovery of… Continue Reading →

The Pentagon watchdog warns that ISIS can take over the territory of Syria within a few months after the withdrawal of the US: official

An approaching report from the Pentagon inspector general says that the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group will regain the territory it has lost in Syria within a few months without military pressure, a senior US defense official told Fox News… Continue Reading →

Pentagon: ISIS will probably reclaim the Syrian territory after the US withdraws

ISIS Propaganda via CNN The former US envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition said Monday that "ISIS has not been defeated" nearly a month after President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing troops from Syria on condition that the US… Continue Reading →

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