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Rep. Walter Jones, N.C. Republican and Iraqi war criticism dies at the age of 76

But it was his stark reversal of his support for Bush's war in Iraq that Jones was most known for, a turnaround that marked the beginning of a period that fell further outside the House of the Republican mainstream. Jones… Continue Reading →

Republican lawmakers are under pressure to propose Green New Deal & # 39; alternative

Republicans who want to combat climate change say that their party must resist the temptation to reject the progressive "Green New Deal" without proposing an alternative. "If the Green New Deal goes up in flames and becomes completely discredited, the… Continue Reading →

Home Republican leader Kevin McCarthy recognizes crime victims of illegal alien blog posts

Last week, the British Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy gave a ten-minute speech that included a long (but necessarily incomplete) list of Americans killed by illegal aliens. Of course, every crime committed by an illegal foreigner should have been prevented by… Continue Reading →

OF COURSE! CNN Mislabels Racist Democrat Governor Northam as a Republican

While some in the news media of the cable have been direct and professional in their calls to let Ralph Northam, the Virginia Democratic Governor, resign (with others who connected Mohammed Macaber with, among others, the Covington children and Justice… Continue Reading →

CNN mistakenly labels Northam as & # 39; Republican & # 39; during segment on blackface-KKK yearbook flap

CNN label attaches Virginia Democrat Government Ralph Northam as a Republican in a chyron during a segment about his apology after his 1984 medical school yearbook page that showed him dressed in blackface or in a KKK robe. (Twitter) CNN… Continue Reading →

Republican MP warns GOP leaders against gender "crisis"

MP Elise Stefanik launches a new PAC to encourage Republican candidates well in advance of the general election. Paul Morigi / Getty Images for Fortune / Time Inc. hide legend toggle the legend Paul Morigi / Getty Images for Fortune… Continue Reading →

Only one Republican at home represents the border and he opposes a wall

WASHINGTON – A Republican, representing Will Hurd of Texas, occupies a unique seat along the 3,000-kilometer (4,000-kilometer) border between Mexico and the United States. And Mr. Hurd, former CIA infiltrator The officer who had just been re-elected in the 23rd… Continue Reading →

Is every republican who supports the construction of the wall racist?

Sunny Hostin is particularly indecisive on the issue. Behar does not take a firm stand, but his position in the previous comments is pretty clear. It is an astonishing fact, but true, that this very traditional show, which features not… Continue Reading →

Democratic Republican Nancy Pelosi of California is elected Speaker of the House

WASHINGTON – Nancy Pelosi, the only woman to ever serve as Speaker, was re-elected Thursday as Democrats took control of the House after eight years in the minority. She promised, in prepared remarks, that this Congress "will be transparent, bipartisan… Continue Reading →

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