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The Kentucky legislature proposes the bill of voting rights

It is unlikely that political allies will come together to put a bill in the Kentucky Law-making session this year to ensure that voting rights are automatically restored for most of the criminals who have served their time. Sen Morgan… Continue Reading →

The head of Human Rights Watch claims that Israel is interfering in British politics – Israel News

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Human Rights Watch (HRW) Middle East Director Sarah Leah Whitson, speaking at a press conference in Doha June 12, 2012 .. (photo credit: STRINGER / REUTERS) X Dear reader, As you can imagine, more… Continue Reading →

Stacey Abrams stars in Super Bowl ad for voting rights

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER January 31, 2019, 19:20 GMT By Savannah Smith Stacey Abrams, the Georgia Democrat who was chosen to refute… Continue Reading →

The Latino civil rights group is accusing Texas officials of intimidating voters

The suit of the national and Texas divisions of the League of United Latin American Citizens against Texas Secretary of State David Whitley and Attorney General Ken Paxton came in response to statements by the two Republican officials last week… Continue Reading →

Blocked by an online politician? Your constitutional rights may have been violated – News – Le Courier-Tribune

Politicians and public officials in North Carolina who block online criticism or suppress critical comments on their social media pages are likely to violate the US Constitution. An unprecedented court decision this week has revealed that since citizens have the… Continue Reading →

Syria Rights Monitor charges US with negligence and "war crimes" – but wants troops to stay and fix things

In the midst of a report that the withdrawal of Syrian troops by the United States has already begun, a leading Syrian human rights group accuses President Donald Trump of, at the very least, "An attitude of negligence and indifference"…. Continue Reading →

Nunes Dem Challenger 2018 launches a group of voting rights

Andrew Janz, the democrat who ran without success against the representative Devin NunesDem Demonstrator Dem 2018 Gerald NunesNunes Launches Democratic Advocacy Group Democrats: Focus on Republicans' Repression to Prevent the Progress of the DOJ's Investigation and FBI Actions During the… Continue Reading →

"Unmatched Courage" is the 1940s Civil Rights Book that you must read now

Americans have resumed talking about Atticus Finch, the heroic lawyer of the small town of Alabama Kill a mocking bird. Aaron Sorkin's play based on Harper Lee's classic novel from 1960 is the biggest hit on Broadway, starring Jeff Daniels…. Continue Reading →

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