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White House advances with State Of The Union plans after Pelosi Urged Delay

President Trump delivers his first address of the state of the Union on January 30, 2018 in the room of the American Capitol. The White House continues with the plans for this year's speech on 29 January, but it is… Continue Reading →

Trump receives another invitation to deliver the speech on the state of the Union far from Washington

The Speaker of the North Carolina House, Tim Moore, presented with President Trump on an undated photo, became the last legislator to invite the President to deliver his speech on the state of the Union to Washington, DC (State Representative,… Continue Reading →

Our state of disunity: Trump, Pelosi Spar about a voluminous speech, but why do we care about it?

On January 30, 2018, in Washington, President Trump delivers the State of the Union address to the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC. Win McNamee / Getty Images hide legend toggle the legend Win McNamee / Getty Images On… Continue Reading →

Arizona is the only state where tribes avoid the Medicaid rules of work

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona (Good Politic) – Arizona has become the only state in the country where tribal members recognized by the federal government are exempt from the obligation to work or volunteer to receive the benefits of Medicaid while 120,000 residents… Continue Reading →

State Department orders staff to return to work with pay

Drew Angerer / Getty Images Drew Angerer / Getty Images (CNN) – The State Department is ordering the return to work of its staff next week, promising to find the money to pay for it despite the partial closure of… Continue Reading →

This time, the Democrats in the House could support the creation of a state

Eleanor Holmes Norton, delegate of the Congress of the District of Columbia to Congress, hopes that her own Democratic caucus will have changed its attitude to Washington, DC, a state. On January 3, she introduced a bill that would make… Continue Reading →

Revenge is best served cold during the evening on the state of the Union

OPINION – Finally, a welcome burst of creativity as the government ends its closure towards the end of its fourth week. On the tactical side, Nancy Pelosi has shown the devilish ability to write to Donald Trump to announce that… Continue Reading →

Democrats support Pelosi's decision to delay the state of the Union while Republicans are shouting at politics

Democrats in the House lined up behind President Nancy Pelosi's decision to postpone the state of the Union until the government reopens, even as Republicans condemned the California Democrats for playing tough politics , saying the speech should be delivered… Continue Reading →

Trump postpones Pelosi's trip to war zone after postponing the state of the Union

Vice President Mike Pence reflects on remarks by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of D-Calif., Arguing with President Trump at a meeting in the Oval Office last month. Evan Vucci / Good Politic hide the legend toggle the legend Evan Vucci… Continue Reading →

Pelosi requests the postponement of the speech on the state of the Union because of its judgment

President Nancy Pelosi wrote to President Trump suggesting that he postpone his annual message on the state of the Union to Congress until the end of the partial closure of the government. Wayne Partlow / Good Politic hide the legend… Continue Reading →

A political conflict in Hawaii shocks the state and the democratic party

Before announcing her candidacy for the presidency Friday, representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii criticized her fellow Democrats for "arsenalizing religion. In an editorial published Tuesday on The Hill, Gabbard wrote that the Democrats had "erected religion as a weapon for… Continue Reading →

State politicians push for early vote in recasting law

New York State is about to catch up with the rest of the country in terms of voting. Both houses of the legislature are expected to adopt Monday electoral reforms, including an option of "advance voting" already in force in… Continue Reading →

State House, political leaders discuss regulation, manpower – and autonomous cars – Twin Cities

Business regulation, workforce development, achievement gap and – autonomous cars? These are just a few of the many issues that Governor Tim Walz and lawmakers addressed on Wednesday evening with a crowd of about 1,700 at the St. Paul River… Continue Reading →

Former Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken evaluates Trump's foreign policy

In an interview with "Intelligence Matters" facilitator and CBS News senior contributor for national security, Michael Morell, former Assistant Secretary of State and Assistant National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama, Antony Blinken looks at the foreign policy decisions made… Continue Reading →

The "political cult" opposed to the Iranian regime that created a state within an Albanian state

An Iranian exile group, a darling of Washington's conservatives, has created what critics describe as "a state within a state" inside the tiny Balkan nation of Albania. From a well-guarded family of 84 acres (340,000 square meters), or 34 hectares,… Continue Reading →

Governor says Washington State will pardon 3,500 drug convictions

Ethan Miller / Getty Images Ethan Miller / Getty Images Related Content (CNN) – Thousands of people convicted of possession of marijuana will be pardoned in the state of Washington, said Governor Jay Inslee. Voters in Washington approved the legalization… Continue Reading →

Fox's Wallace to Sarah Sanders: State Ministry says no terrorists cross the southern border

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was challenged on Sunday by the Trump administration that thousands of terrorists would sneak into the country via the southern border. Sanders was urged to explain in the Homeland Security Secretary's statement, Kirstjen… Continue Reading →

2019 hosts pink hunting vests in Illinois, cursive writing in Ohio and other new state laws

New year, new laws of the state. A series of new state laws come into effect with the turn of the calendar – from minimum wage changes to pink hunting equipment to the mandatory cursive writing curriculum. A state will… Continue Reading →

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