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China says Tsar of the economy will visit Washington for trade talks

BEIJING (Good Politic) – Top US and Chinese commercial envoys will meet in Washington this month to show that it is possible to end an expensive tariff battle against Beijing's technological ambitions. The announcement made by the Ministry of Commerce… Continue Reading →

China confirms chief negotiator will visit Washington for talks

Deputy Prime Minister Liu He will travel to the United States for talks starting Jan. 30, Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said at a regular press briefing Thursday. Liu goes to the invitation of US Treasury Secretary Steven… Continue Reading →

Andrew Rannells talks about "Black Monday" and talks about everything, even – Gasp! – Gay Sex

Andrew Rannells provided cocaine. I mean, yes, as a star and producer of Showtime's dark comedy about the 1987 Wall Street crash, Black Mondayhe contributed much more than that. But he had considerable experience with cocaine and brought it to… Continue Reading →

On The Money: Trump Approaching the Emergency Statement | Eyes Bill for Trump Disaster Funds Promises to Pay Federal Employees after Closing | Fed chief warns that a long stop could hurt the economy | China sees progress in trade talks

Happy Thursday and welcome back to On The Money. I'm calling Sylvan Lane and here's your night guide on everything about your bills, your bank account and your results. Do you see something that missed me? Please let me know… Continue Reading →

The West risks contributing to the political diversion of peace talks in Libya | News from the world

Libya risks losing its last chance to find a peaceful solution to the four-year stalemate, as Western-backed political parties plot to hijack crucial talks, a former Libyan diplomat said on Sunday. 39; UN. The warning of the country's former ambassador… Continue Reading →

Transcript: Antony Blinken talks with Michael Morell on "Intelligence Matters"

INTELLIGENCE MATTERS – TONY BLINKEN HOST: MICHAEL MORELL PRODUCER: OLIVIA GAZIS MICHAEL MORELL: Tony, it's good to have you in the series. TONY BLINKEN: Thank you, Mike Glad to be with you. MICHAEL MORELL: Tony, you have a particularly interesting… Continue Reading →

Trump's border visit comes as talks about the plant's closure collapse

President Donald Trump tackles the border between the United States and Mexico and seeks to strengthen his position in favor of the wall after the negotiations with the Democrats collapsed in the face of his demands for funding. Trump left… Continue Reading →

The United States says China wants to buy more Americans after trade talks

The Trump administration concluded the latest round of trade talks in Beijing, underscoring China's commitment to acquire more agricultural products, energy and manufactured goods from the United States. China and the United States on Wednesday concluded three days of Wednesday's… Continue Reading →

Trump hails progress as the second day of Beijing trade talks ends

President Donald Trump expressed optimism that the US-China trade talks in Beijing are progressing well, with the Chinese authorities making a statement at the end of the latest round of talks. "Discussions with China are going very well!" Trump tweeted… Continue Reading →

No word on progress after second day of Sino-US trade talks

Talks between the United States and China over the end of their tariff war ended on Tuesday for their second day, without anyone knowing that they had made progress, while the US and China were on their way to the… Continue Reading →

US-Chinese trade talks begin as economic growth slows

With a deadline set for March, talks to end a trade war between China and the United States are underway, with the world's two largest economies optimistic about the potential for progress, but without saying that their position has changed…. Continue Reading →

White House and Congress members to resume closing talks on Sunday

A delegation of key White House staff, led by Vice President Mike Pence, will meet with congressional staff again after a two-and-a-half hour discussion on Saturday. It has not been possible to reach an agreement to end the partial closure… Continue Reading →

Pence leads talks at closure with members of Congress

While many federal employees were frozen and vacationers were excluded from public attractions, taxpayers' taxes were paid, talks between White House officials and congressional advisers began on Saturday to end the closure of the government which, according to President Donald… Continue Reading →

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