Macron wants a revival of Europe to avoid global "chaos"

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In a speech to the Berlin Bundestag, a century after the end of the First World War, the head of state reaffirmed on Sunday his desire for a "stronger and more sovereign Europe".

Emmanuel Macron urged Sunday in Berlin Germany to open with France a "new stage" in the construction of Europe to prevent the world from "slip into chaos" and guarantee peace.

"Modern, efficient and democratic sovereignty". "Europe, and within it the Franco-German couple" have the "obligation not to let the world slip into chaos and accompany it on the road to peace" and for this "Europe must to be stronger, more sovereign, "said the French head of state in a speech in front of the Chamber of Deputies.

A world "at the crossroads". "Our world is at a crossroads," he added, warning against the risk of "nationalism without memory" and "fanaticism without landmarks" taking over. "This new Franco-German responsibility is to provide Europe with the tools of its sovereignty," said the French president, mentioning in particular the need to build a common defense or migration policy with a harmonized asylum system.

A criticism of the German government. "This new stage is scary, because everyone will have to share, pool their decision-making capacity, their foreign, migration or development policy, a growing share of their budget and even tax resources," added Emmanuel Macron, insisting that on the need to make the euro "an international currency with a budget". "Is it better to remain locked in our immobilisms?", He said, in apparent criticism of the hesitation and procrastination of Chancellor Angela Merkel's German government for more than a year. French proposals for reviving Europe.