South Korean, supported by the United States, to chair Interpol

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US and Russians Interpol Delegates Elect Kim Jong-yang, South Korean President, as New President of the Organization, Following Sudden "Resignation" of Former Prime Minister boss, the Chinese Meng Hongwei, "disappeared" in China since late September.

The police cooperation body Interpol has a new president. South Korean Kim Jong-yang, whose candidacy was "Firmly" Supported by the United States in the face of a Russian general, was elected Wednesday, November 21 for a two-year term, at the head of the largest police organization in the world, which brings together 194 member countries fighting crime.

Chinese Communist Party imperatives pass Interpol

After the sudden resignation, on October 7, of the organization's Chinese president, Meng Hongwei, who was targeted by corruption charges in China and who literally disappeared from the radar, the organization's General Assembly was convened in Dubai to elect his successor.

Interpol, an organization created in 1923, designates its president every four years. A leader whose role is essentially honorary: he chairs the annual meetings of the General Assembly, certainly, but it is the Secretary General who is responsible for running the day-to-day operations in Lyon, headquarters of the organization since 1989. The current incumbent is Germany's Jürgen Stock, elected for five years in 2014.

US resistance to the election of a Russian general

Kim Jong-yam had been acting president of Interpol since "Resignation" sudden of his former Chinese boss. He was elected after the candidacy of Russian General Alexander Prokopchuk, sparked an uprising in the United States, as well as threats from Ukraine and Lithuania who planned to leave the organization. In the event of Prokopchuk's election, presented as a favorite, these countries feared, like other members, that this post would become a tool of the Kremlin to fight against its political opponents.

But it is mainly US pressure – the United States is the largest contributor to Interpol, with 10.5 million euros, followed by Japan, Germany and France, for a total budget of 124.5 million – which made the swing in favor of the South Korean candidate. "We encourage all nations and organizations that are part of Interpol and respect the rule of law to choose an honest leader. We think that will be the case of Mr. Kim "said the head of American diplomacy.

"We must build a bridge to the future"

Shortly after his election, the new President of Interpol felt that the "Today, the world is facing unprecedented changes that pose huge challenges to public safety and security". "We need a clear vision: we must build a bridge to the future"added Kim Jong-yang, quoted on Interpol's Twitter account.

The organization, however, is neutral, and formally respects the sovereignty of each member country, forbidding it "Any intervention in matters or affairs of a political, military, religious or racial nature".

The dangerous links of Interpol

However, Interpol has been accused of being exploited by some states that used its channels to try to arrest political opponents outside their borders. If the organization does not issue arrest warrants, and can not initiate investigations or prosecutions, each member country may request the publication of a "red notice": an international search notice, the information of which is transmitted to all members.

In 1998, the states of the European Union created Europol, a separate organization born from the will of European states to emancipate themselves from Interpol.

Dorian Malovic